Saturday, August 30, 2008


finally had the guts to do something that i should have done a long time ago... but i think it's a bit late right now... i should never really expect something from someone i barely know...

"Watching play right now. Dipa hungry eh, busog pa from merienda.. Tnx 4 asking. Hope you had diner already. Txt u later."

WATCHING PLAY... 2 words that almost made me cry ='( & NO he hasn't Txted back yet.... i just want to Sleep... & forget about everything... should never listen to my Go Girl Attitude anymore

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jap Foods

some sushi place in Granville HK

Sweet Shrimp & Sea Urchin Roll

Hand rolled Soft Shell Crab

John & Yoko in Greenbelt 5

the best iced tea in town bottomless Blue "Dalandan" iced Tea

Omakase in Libis

JSC Platter (Jurassic, Seabreeze, and Crazy Maki Combo)

a much better pic of it by Anton Diaz

mouth watering Spicy Tuna (picture also grabbed from Anton Diaz

Omakase Restaurant is located at
2/f Intrepid Plaza Bldg. E. Rodriguez Ave. Libis, QC

284 Scout Rallos corner T. Morato Ave, QC

a different Bag

now im also having a hard time with a BAG... well not your typical bag-bag, its actually my double eye bags... its ike having a double chin & eye bags... all rolled into one... arrrggghhh they are so disturbing that i actually call them my EYE BAGAHE (Luggage).

i tried every tricks of the trade to fix my eyebags & dark circles but nothing has cured it... in 7 months i bought




& now i finally bought the Fairy God Mother of all Eye Bags


hope this would work!!! if not then i better save up for BELO...yikes!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


i'm having nightmares of the GUCCI HK BAG...

i call it this because i normally see 8-10 people a day carrying it in Hk & im always tempted to take pictures of them, but then knowing HK people, they're always in a hurry... so photo opt is really impossible unless i run like road runner then i might have a chance.

the bag is really perfect for me, size wise & it being a monogram (drool-drool)... i'm just a bit confused as to which color to buy.





or this



Current Obsession: GUCCI HK BAG
Current Addiction: Chuvaness

Sunday, August 17, 2008

a very special entry nyahahaha

i dragged 2 "willing" friends to watch a movie yesterday, unplanned & unexpected (soooo not me) i really wanted to watch THE MOVIE!! & i just can't wait any much longer.

the movie as expected is soooooo kilig-kilig, but i wished i didn't watched too many movie trailer found in youtube (hahaha confessions again?)... i think the movie trailer should just be like the Appetizer, but then after watching the movie i could say that the Trailer is already the Main Course... so im a bit disappointed about it.. (memo to self: don't watch movie trailer anymore).

they made the Lead Guy so handsome as in!!! i think this is his best looking performance ever!!

but for a movie expecting to hit the jackpot, they should have invested on the lead girls WIG, actually im a actually confused about this... why did they opt for a wig instead of using Lead Girl's natural Hair, they just need to style her hair i think.

& there was this part in the movie where the 2 of them were having this semi dramatic lines, it actually made me laugh sooo hard, the director was focusing the camera to the lead guy with matching hard rains (almost like signal #2), then they'll focus on the lead girl as she replies, but you'll notice that it just looks like rain showers on her side... the scene was about 2-3min. max & they kept on focusing the camera from one lead to another. soooo weird!!!!

nevertheless... i'd still beg my Colleague to Download the movie for me so i could watch in on my IPOD (oh no i didn't hahahaha)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hang ups of the Moment

Fioni from Payless

Stam Bag by Marc Jacobs

Aldo about Php 6k

Nike Kids only $50 but this is for kids ony!!!

& more to come..... haaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy


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