Saturday, April 14, 2007

new year – new blog – new bag – new job

For 2007, I feel like I need a change. Well I think EVERYBODY needs a change.

If you feel like you’re job is killing you... A change of job is necessary, maybe being an account is not your thing… why not make your own jackass show instead? Or audition as the 6th Queer Eye? Or direct a Political AD & Choreograph the shameless dance routine for free.

If you feel like you’re too bored with you’re room (like moi)… then why not paint it in Rainbow Polka-dots? (like I would like mine to be, but then blame it on my tight schedule… I can’t freaking do it arghhhh!!!)

If you feel like you’re getting fed up with you’re BF/GF… then why not look for a new one? But why look for a new one, when you can be playing the field? *wink*wink*

If you feel like you’re getting bored with you’re *insert breed* pet dog then do a semi-Angelina Jolie… no, not adopt a kid, instead adopt a Pet? An Elephant from Thailand or a Camel from Egypt would really be exotic don’t you think? (I personally don’t like dogs and they say people who have dogs are much affectionate than others who don’t, well I DON’T F*CKING CARE!!!)

For this year, one of my big changes is my blog, I won’t be updating my blog-city website, yet I’d still be checking it from time to time to answer my messages & comments. But blogspot will be my new home, so save this link.

After salivating for a year & a half… I have finally purchased using my blood (high blood actually), sweat & tears. my first & definitely not my last bag investment & I just can’t help but not to let go of her (yeah her… im talking like it’s a freaking human being)

And so far 2007 had been a good year. Its so much better that 2006, which started with a bang-barat-ta-tat-ta-tat… but then all is smooth sailing now… I think. Well… who cares, as long as it’s all good with me then to Hell with them, I don’t need them!!! (sadly anger management didn’t do much wonder to this kid tsk-tsk-tsk).

I have lots to write about, but there’s so much to share & really not a lot of time to type it down. As of the moment im doing some *stuff* that requires my full-undivided-attention (coming from me, that is really something). As much as I would like to share the Full-Horrid-Detail about it… I can’t!!! I can only share that it gave me the opportunity to do 4 of what I love doing most: Travel, Boys, Food and Fashion (not in that necessary order). Sleep is my #5 but 4 out of 5 isn’t bad.

It’s only been 4 months since I joined with planning the *stuff* yet I’ve been given the opportunity to travel to LA, Vegas, HK & tomorrow ill be off to Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan & Paris *woohoooo*. But then it’s a business trip, not a vacation, so it would be work-work-work not play-play-play.

Current Obsession: a hunky guy from the GYM *total eye contact*

Current Addiction: Sleep….. Lots & lots of ZzzZzzzzzZZZZzzzz


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