Saturday, June 26, 2010

easy A

i need a no brainer, no high expectation, non life changing movie to watch & just be happy about.

Obsession # 20

Troian Avery Bellisario as Spencer Hastings (i would totally name my daughter Spencer)
Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery
Shay Mitchell as Emily Fields (love her super toned bod & she's half pinay)
Ashley Benson as Hanna Marin

DLed & watched episode 1 to 3... can't wait for 4 =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Obsession # 19

now you can Travel in Style or atleast have all your Travel necessities look stylish & chic with the help of Aspinal of London

Aspinal Classic UK Travel Collection

Sophisticated, elegant and very chic the Aspinal Classic UK Travel Collection will look a million dollars when you next flourish your tickets.

The set includes two stunning Aspinal Luggage Tags, an Aspinal Classic Passport Cover and finally the Aspinal Classic Travel Wallet made from beautiful Candy Pink Jewel Calf Leather, luxuriously lined in moiré silk with contrasting plush Cream soft-suede and secured with a tab closure.

Perfect for personalising with initials.

Comes beautifully gift wrapped and boxed in Aspinal exquisite signature presentation.

Product Dimensions:
Passport Cover: 5.5" (H) x 3.75" (W)
Travel Wallet: 9" (H) x 5.5" (W)
Luggage Tags: 4.75" (H) x 2.75" (W) (L)
3.5" (H) x 2" (W) (S)

you can order it here

via bagaholicboy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obsession # 18

62 reason why you NEED to watch the World Cup

# 1 Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo


check out # 2 to # 62 here


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obsession # 17

after watching Letters to Juliet.... & loving the
"i love who you are, but i've changed" line by Sophie

im currently obsessed about Amanda Seyfried's bag in the movie

i initially thought it was a PS1 or an Alexa

prices from net-a-porter
pic via purseblog

but through the help of google i found out its from a Canadian store named ROOTS

Small School Bag in Tribe Leather $278

but still expensive noh?so i looked for a more affordable version of it from TOPSHOP

Medium Leather Buckle Satchel £50.00

Friday, June 18, 2010

bitter ocampo? CHECK!!!

was looking at the Zara TRF's June 2010 look book that nitrolicious posted on her site & all i can think about is....

why can't i have stems like that??????

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obsession # 16

yesterday, i was thinking of what shoes to wear when i noticed my red melissa shoes

then i decided to wear it the whole day for work & to a family event afterwards, super tiis-ganda pero i like how it made me more graceful when i walk, & the added boosts to my puny height is nothing to complain over too.

so now been lurking at melissa philippines online site & contemplating of getting this.

Melissa Kali II

this is also cute (but not available in melissa ph)... for those days you just wanna be comfy yet spunky =)

Melissa Clogh F/W 08

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsession # 15

after all the naiwan daw na prototypes all over + watching Steve Jobs do the demo... yes im obsessing over another iphone
Iphone 4
& no more trusting on line sellers for this.

Iphone 4

the bottle is super cute, but it doesn't smell that nice
Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Gift Set ($150)

pls. don't let this be too high, just enough omph pls.
Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

how i got scammed by Michelle Tacey Kho Lao

*EDIT: as soon as i posted this i got a call from Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, she's saying the picture is her, so the person who scammed me is using her picture as her profile pic to scam other poeple. so pls. help & report her as abuser!!! so pls. got to her facebook link & REPORT HER AS ABUSER (NASA LOWER LEFT CORNER SYA PLS. DO IT PEOPLE) HELP US!!!!)

2 months ago, I was frantically searching for an iphone for me & my brother, I was checking on sites, asking friends for referral for almost a month, then a good friend of mine tag me in a photo of a seller in facebook (this was not my friends fault as she doesn’t know the person as well, she saw a friend of hers was tag to the picture & knowing I was looking for a phone, she tagged me) I was checking on her wares & was quite impressed because she has a lot of contacts & even a lot of inquiry.

So I got her # & asked her if she has stocks of 2 Iphone 3gs 16gb & if she could give me a good price as I was buying 2 of it. She texted me that she has white & black available at Php 28,550, which is a very good price compared to other seller which is about Php 33,000 to Php 34,000.

I asked her if we could do a meet-up instead, then she told me that she lives in Benguet, Baguio. & That she doesn’t have an office in Manila. I even got to talk to her, because I was afraid that she might be a scammer & she even told me that she was once scammed before & didn’t got a single cent for the transaction she made. She was a bit Mataray pa nga, & very well versed as in….. she was that good!!!

I told her that I would make a decision in 3days, after 3 days im lurking at her fb page & since there is no scammer alert, no complain from others, I was quite relived & made an agreement with her to do a 50% Down payment & 50% upon receiving.

This was our text message from April 28-29: (good thing I save all of it)

MTKL :Yes Php 28,550 each na lang, I can have it shipped as soon as I deposit is made, yes brand new I opened the box for checking lang

MTKL: The Total is Php 57,100. Of you could make the down payment by today, I’ll have it shipped tomorrow morning via LBC, then you’ll get it the next day.

MC: so ok on 50-50 (50% deposit) I remember you prefer g-cash, but can I just get your bank account # & name instead? I can probably make the transaction by tomoroow.

MKTL: yes. 50-50 is ok. I trust you naman. Gcash kasi mitch, I can check it right away because, a notification is sent to me, kapag bank kasi, I will have to check pa, it may depend on my schedule pa.

MC: mas easier kasi for me pag bank to bank

MKTL: Mahihirapan naman ako mag track, I only use it when I place orders abroad & used by our hardware din, I hope you understand. But ive been on this business for almost a year now, & this is what I do & have for transactions. The same with all other clients. Even friends.

My gcash account details:
Michelle Tacey Kho Lao
Pinestar Hardware, Echo City Mall, Magsaysay, Baguio, Benguet 2600

MC: ok ill try to figure this out.

MKTL: Ok, just inform me. So I could prepare the parcel. Tracking numbers will be sent naman, via sms, as soon as I get it. LBC is my trusted courier with gadgets.

I even asked for a Model #, as requested by a friend of mine & she gave me MODEL # A1241

MC: may I now that firmware, modem firmware & is it already open line?

MKTL: hi, yes its factory unlocked, opeline, malalaman mo yung exact details ng phones kapag na sync na sa itunes, that’s when you’ll see the serial number, softwares, firmwares etc. My unites are bought and brought for me from the states. I’m also busy, but im entertaining your questions as best I could already. Because I’d like to assure you that this transaction is not a scam, and ayaw ko naman na mapunta kayo sa scam transactuon. Ive been scammed before & that’s something I won’t wish anyone to go through. I hope you understand. Im in serious business here.

Im a bit annoyed kasi parang ang taray naman nya

MC: Hi im asking this to know if this particular model can be jail broken, me iba kasing model na di pwede (as what my friend told me)

MTKL: it’s been jail broke in the states nap o. im using an apple iphone 3GS 32gb, from the same shipment, no problem na at all. All you have to do is put the sim, sync in itunes & its good to go.

MC: ok will text you tom. Regarding payment.

MTKL: ok I have units for dispatch din tom. lahat for Manila, let me know para masabay sa pag pick up ng Air 21 tom.

The funny thing is she’s even giving us 2 belkin silicon ergo cases for FREE, I even asked my brother what color he wants, as in we have a lengthy conversation about what available colors she has…. Take note she has it in Black, White, Green, Red, Pink & Purple na lang daw.

The next day, she texted me:

MTKL: Hi just to follow up, what time will you post payment? LBC will pick up parcels at 2:30pm. The daily cut off is 3pm, kapag umabot sa cut off, your parcels will be delivered the next day, that’s tomoroow.

MC: im on my way to the bank then to globe, before 1 pm.

MTKL: ok im making sure that everything gets picked up the last time I entrusted this to my asst., 3 parcels weren’t pick up.

Then as soon as I made payment & was just about to text her…. I got a text message from her.

MTKL: I received the notification for the DP already. :) ß- note the smiling face

And that is the last I heard from her.

The next day, as I was waiting for my phone I decided to check on her fb to check on what else she is selling…. Her fb page has been deleted, I was a bit worried, so I tried to call her mobile… it was disconnected, it tried calling LBC & Air 21 (w/o the tracking #) & asked them if they have pick up anything from Benguet to be delivered to Manila… & there is none, for days I tried to get hold of her… I was still hoping that the delivery might just be delayed, I come clean to my brother that I think we had just been scammed… & that he doesn’t owe my anything because its my fault, my brother even offered to pay half of the money, which I declined.

I went to globe to report this incident & to have her gacsh account blocked. but, there is a strict 24-48hrs. policy & the form has to be notarized pa, at 4pm where can I have it notarized in Makati, & the next day is Saturday pa & long weekend since its labor day. So yes the stars are not cooperating as well. haaaaaaaaaay

The reason im telling this to everyone right now, is not because i want my money back (I’d rather see her rot in jail), but because she now re-opens her facebook account & selling new stuff & adding more people as her friend & potential victim, & by the way she didn’t delete me from her friends list, so ano yun? We’re still friends? After what she did to me?

So pls. pls. people she now has 180 friends on her name, if you remember adding her, pls. delete her from your friend list, to stop her from reaching to your friends/networks!!!!

facebook page
MTKL fb page

& 2 proof of identification of her brother-in-law (Edison Go she send this is to serve daw, as a guaranty on my side. o diba? ang sweet pa concerned!!!!



MIchelle Tacey Kho Lao - BIGGEST SCAMMER!!!


MTKL fb page

this is her facebook page..... the nerve... after what she did to me, she didn't even erased me as her friends, so ano yun? friends pa rin tayo after you scammed me? PLS. PLS. PEOPLE HELP SPREAD THE WORD OUT!!!!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Ang

it was a super fun night, entertainment was carefully thought off... when requested to sing, David obliged with his own "Always be my baby" ala David Cook & when asked to Dance, Karen didn't even bat an eyelash & gave us her semi-best performance *no shy bone in this new family* (i say semi-best bec. its quite hard to dance in a huge dress & heels)

Mr. & Mrs. Ang
Mr. & Mrs. Ang
gown & suit by Jazel Sy

2nd gown also by Jazel Sy
Mrs. Karen Fenix Dy-Ang

There's an abundant talent from the relatives of the bride, a 3 people band with an 8 yr. old singer who sang "Grow old with you by Adam Sandler" & 2 members of the entourage who sang Taylor Swift's Love Story, which was surprisingly good.

with College friends


but the highlight of the night would have to be the Mime show (which stupid me didn't get a shot or a video of, i was mesmerized) & Karen & David's first dance, complete with Karen taking David's suit off LOLZ.... definitely A+ in my books & the wedding to beat this year.

Congrats to Karen & David =)

in- la - ba - bo

im currently head over heels in love with this song


naman ang shoulder pads at ang pornstache=)

Joan Osbourne's cover was not bad...

but i think The Bird and the Bee did it more justice

here's a little trivia about the song:

Daryl Hall wrote this for his collaborator/girlfriend Sara Allen.

They never got married, but Daryl and Sara were together for about 28 years before they broke up in 2001.

In Entertainment Weekly October 16, 2009, Hall listed this as one of their favorite songs, and explained: "That was a postcard to Sara Allen, who was my partner for many, many years, a 'having a great time, wish you were here' kind of thing. I cannot tell you how many girls have tod me they were named for it!"

via Song Facts

Saturday, June 5, 2010

vacation mode =)

im going on a vacation for 5 days..... ALONE!!!! =) was actually planning to do this with friends, but then it keeps getting pushed back, & before i know it... its not gonna happen again =( i have lived alone, but i have never go on a vacation alone... was inspired by the movie EAT, PRAY, LOVE... well of course im not going to india or to some place that i haven't been to (i'll do that next year) im going to HK for their annual sale season this july & then to Macau to play in their casino *grins*

Can you believe, i think ive been to Vegas 2 or 3 times but i haven't played in their Casino, was swamped with work, so i really didn't have the time to enjoy my stay in Venetian, which is a super cool place & the rooms were superb =)

hmmm... next destination?


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