Monday, January 21, 2008

bags.. bags... BAGS!!!

meet my new LV... Louis Vayong

& my new bag obsession... for a Gucci, the price is not that bad $385.00

GOD help me!!!

Current Obsession: Watch a movie in a movie house... the last movie that i watched was "i now pronounce you Chuck & Larry" last September 2007...

Current Addicton: Shopping =(

Saturday, January 19, 2008


i am a total bookworm... but then i am much more of a magazine whore. one time i read about 10 magazine in just one sitting... i READ not browse the whole magazine from cover to cover.

Every year i would received books as a gift from friends, but then I'm too busy to read a book or even browse it. so for this year year I'm planning to read at least 10 books. here are the first 2 on my list

How to find your one True Love by Bo Sanchez

this was given by a very good friend, i think she is telling me something noh? hehehe

Twisted Travels by Jessica Zafra

i collect all of Jessica Zafra's book, i love her sarcastic way of writing, she make every person much sane in this world.

Current Obsession: 2 weeks ago i saw a brown canvas bag from the t-shirt project (they are the makers of Spoofs & Branded) written are the letters LV which stands for Louis Vuitton, but instead written below is LOUIS VAYONG , i super love it!!! too bad i was not in total shopping mode that time, & now i can't forget about it & when i went back to the store its already sold out!!! i have to find my Louis Vayong!!!

Current Addiction: food... & not the healthy kind. I am constantly wanting to eat/nibble something even though I'm really really full. i have an appetite of an 8 year old growing kid craving all the unhealthy food in the grocery aisle & it's not funny anymore.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

hello 2008

i haven't blogged about anything worthwhile for a couple of months... things has been really crazy at work... well i should replace that... PEOPLE had been crazy!!!

lots of time I'm really at my tails end, literally banging my head & wondering "what the heck am i still doing here?" i really would have much much preferred riding a camel's back in Egypt or trying out all the street foods in Vietnam rather than be in this real life melodrama every single day. well someday i might just do that.

but then for now i think i just wanna stay & enjoy the real TV in front of me, pray & hope that this time... i can finally do the COLD HEARTLESS BITCH routine... hehehe

so much for wishing 2008 to have less drama... coz we are starting it with a BANG!!!

Current Obsession: YSL Downtown
Current Addiction: Gong Yoo

Thursday, January 10, 2008


lookie at my new wallpaper...

i am proud to say, that i made it myself, well of course i gathered all the cute pix... thanks to google!!!!

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gong Yoo is definitely a very very VERY GOOD stress buster, just one look at his impecable boyish charm & all the stress will just melt away... ahahahayyyy....

people if you don't know him yet, pls. do watch Coffee prince... my ghulay i am promoting a Koreanovela... how jologs of me noh? well i don't care!!!

Current Addiction & Obession: GONG YOO!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Current Addiction: GONG YOO!!!
Current Obsession: GONG YOO!!!


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