Sunday, April 26, 2009


was channel surfing & got stuck to this show in Qtv titled "Ang Pinaka"... & this week they tackled "ang Pinaka Sexy Shirtless Hunks" well of course i need to watch it... its my calling to watch it bwahahahahahaha!!!

#10 is Borgy Manotoc...

now now now Borgy is really really HOT, very nice & professional.. if i may say so & he always caught me on my off guard days (meaning "chaka" days), 1 time he was at the store w/ his friends & i was looking like this dumb "chaka" school girl complete with pigtails super djahe & to top that he even introduced me to them.... grabe sana man lang nakapag gown ako... or nag pa parlor man lang diba?

#9 is Will Devaughn...

i only saw his Billboards, i don't find him HOT & besides he's great friends with someone i really hate.

#8 is Zanjoe Marudo...

i saw him twice already, 1st time was at PL, when cecile invited us for the first dry run of her PL store, & 2nd was at the store... he's not HOT din... parang matangkad lang... i have a friend who's super obsessed with him as in super.

#7 is Derek Ramsay...

i have a Love/Sawa relationship with Derek (naks naman!!! feeling close) but after watching a recent MMK episode... SOLD.. LOVE ko na ulit sya bwahahahaha!!!!!

#6 is Sam Milby is nakakasawa...

i find him Super Hot in his movie with Bea & JLC (Close to You)... but then he's all over, pero infairness hotness sya sa pic na 'to ha.

#5 is Dennis Trillo...

i super crush him & i almost had a heart attack after i saw this pix of him, but then i saw him in the Eheads concert... ang liit nya... i think he's only taller by an inch... as in tiny, he's just cute, cute na tipong crush mo nung HS days ka pa, super nadisappoint ako

#4 is jake Cuenca...

aba oo naman super deserving & he looks much better more & more ha, pero i find him short, uubra pa ba sa kanya ang cherifer?

#3 is Marc Nelson...

HELLO? i still have a pic of him topless & laminated in my room. i once saw him in a mall (as in sa SM Makati) i was super speechless & disoriented... as in naloka ako, di ako prepared, he's HOOOOT, & he looks like he just came out of the gym & golden tanned too.

#2 is Piolo Pascual...

hmmm not a fan.

#1 is Ding Dong Dantes...

i was obssessed with him during his Marimar days as in obsessed na obsessed, but i saw him after his breakup with Karylle & he looked very stressed complete with breakouts to boot. sayang!!!

i think they should have included Jon Avila to the list, mas deserving sya kesa sa iba.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

pahinga naman

im on blogging hiatus for a week for a much needed Vacation leave =)
but ill be posting plenty of pics when i get back!!!

Current Obsession: how to loose weight fast

Current Addiction: The Helium Club

aba aba ABA

have you heard of "the Helium Club"... its the latest buzz all over... some says it the Pinoys answer to The Hills.

if you haven't then checkout their 5 minute trailer here

a lot people have reacted negatively to their trailer... so they posted this on their facebook account

The Helium Club

The Reality Show that is bound to make History Worldwide is finally Here... straight from Manila, The Philippines

All the major social hubs in the Metro are doing the same exact things except for one:

Be in a place where everybody’s at.

WATCH how 5 young lives coming from totally different mini-worlds of their own, would become this season’s hottest bets to the Manila social pawn fixture,

while their stellar paths cross, fake fronts crash and life tracks collide ALL into one BIG DRAMA.
Lives will change as all roads lead to one ending, where only sharp lines are spoken and dagger stares are thrown.

Where big actions are made, impulses trusted, rationales traded, friendships destroyed and true love created.

The Hills

i haven't watched a single episode of The Hills... so i have no idea what's it about.

but im excited for The Helium Club... siraan ng buhay!!!!

lunch w/ teban

on my 2x a week lunch out with Teban after his TORTURE (his term for derma) we went to Mamou in Serendra, was planning to eat at the "nearby" Pancake house... i told him that Pancake is just 30 steps away from the store & he took it literally... counting the steps from Pancake to store... & yes im wrong its actually 55 steps. we didn't end up at Pancake bec. its full... who knew people would want to have lunch at Pancake in High Street!!!

so anyway what we had at Mamou, we ordered Spring Rolls, but i was soo hungry i forgot to take a pic hehehe

Beer Battered Chicken

the more yummy looking close up view of it.

Pork & Chicken

Mamou's very refreshing & REFILLABLE Iced Tea

where should i take him next? hmm....


alam mo mayron akong pangarap sa buhay
sana matupad na

magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio
magda-drive ako hanggang Bicol
magda-drive ako hanggang Batangas
tapos magswi-swimming d'on sa beach

isasama ko ang girlfriend ko
isasama ko kahit sinong may gusto
kahit may kasama siyang aso
basta't meron siyang baong sariling buto

magdadala ako ng pagkain
burger fries tapsilog at siopao

magda-drive ako hanggang Visayas
magda-drive ako hanggang sa Mindanao

magda-drive ako buong taon
magda-drive ako habang buhay
magda-drive ako hanggang buwan
please please lang turuan nyo
akong magdrive

gusto kong matutong magdrive
(kahit na wala akong kotse)

gusto kong matutong magdrive
(kahit na walang lisensya)

on the 2.5 hrs drive from Manila to Laguna last Holyweek... this was what i saw.

on the left car

on the right car


2nd dinner w/ J.dy

made an impromptu invitation to J.dy for dinner before Holy Week & since she's new in town i invited her to sample the restaurants in GB5.

went to have dinner at Fish Out of Water... & since we're both a bit full. (J.dy just had 2 pc. Chicken Joy for snacks hehehe... everybody loves Jollibee!!!) we decided on ordering something just light.

Stuffed Kalabasa

Grilled Soy Cumin Calamari Salad w/ Guava dressing

Vigan Longganisa Pizza

what i wore:

Eheads x Team Manila shirt
BSX long shirt
blue leggings
Ninja socks
Silver strapped Havaianas

holy LAMON week

every holy week... my mom & her sisters has this ritual of visiting their youngest sister in Laguna to rent a house w/ a pool & show off their cooking skills... they won't admit it but i have a feeing that there's a brewing contest of "my Mom's cooking is better than your Mom"... the food is nothing extravagant just plain simple LUTONG BAHAY... but the amount of food & their NON-STOP cooking is extreme... i remember just sitting for a good 2 hrs. because the food kept coming... after my mom coooked her dish, my aunt would then cook hers, then afterwards another aunt would cook again... i forgot to take a pix of all the foods that were served... sa lagay na 'to ha!

moi in action bwahahahaha!!!

(Photo by Teban)

the best homestyle spaghetti courtesy of Manang Conching

Never ENding Shrimp by My Aunt MAry

they Forced Fed us w/Sapin-Sapin & Bibingka

Chicken Afritada... my fav

Chicken BBQ

my cousin Ronald's fav Salted Egg & Tomatoes w/ Vinegar

mom's version of Bangus Sisig

Sweet Tomato Sauced Shrimp

homestyle fries

never ending Halo-Halo

what i wore the morning after:

Doraemon PJs from HK flea market
Yellow Havaianas

Friday, April 17, 2009


ive been obsessing about Make up for quite sometime now & since i have so many parties & wedding to attend to this year... i finally decided to purchase this.

(this should have arrived last week, but i was late for the payment, so it just arrive this tuesday)

16pcs. brush set

78 color palette

(sorry for the blurry picture)

bought it from Pearl of dollface

im sooooo excited to try this... can anyone tell me what would look best with a yellow dress?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

question lang...

ilang taon na ba sya? me 21+ na ba 'to? tanong lang kasi "takot kasi ako sa lethal injection" nyahahahahaha HOTNESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

CDG PLAY x Converse

Article & pictures from High Snobiety

Converse gets together with Comme des Garcons PLAY on overall four sneakers. They worked on the Chuck Taylor and the Chuck Taylor High, each coming in a white and a black colorway. All sneaker feature the PLAY heart logo as a print. On the Chuck Taylor High’s, the round Converse Chuck Taylor logo is embroidered. The white sneakers feature a black stripe on the heel and the black sneakers feature a white stripe on the heel. As a final touch, both logos appear on the inner sole.

The Converse x Comme des Garcons PLAY Chuck Taylor Pack will be released in July at RS1. They will also be offering them online with worldwide shipping. Mark your calendars.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

bibong bata

my dad treated us to a wonderful dinner at Gloria Maris to celebrate my Lil bro becoming a 4th in English & 9th in Chinese... my Dad was practically beaming with glee for my lil bro's achievements, this was his winning moment... Teban was the more obedient kid/student than both me & my younger brother combined... hehehe.


Prawns & Garlic

Peking Duck

Fish Fillet w/ Tofu

Fried Sea Mantis

this is what a Sea Mantis looks like before cooking. separated from each other much like the Fighting Fish

& for dessert we had

Ma Lay Cake... which can only be found here

& Taho


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