Wednesday, July 23, 2008

baduy to the max

Movie: A Very Special Love...

im going gaga over this movie. i'm not really a fan of the Lead Girl, but then Lead Guy made her irresistible, i would totally watch this movie only because of the Lead Guy... gawd ang baduy diba?

TV Series: My Girl

im currently obsessed with this local TV series titled My Girl, it's a korean adaptation of the same title, im like super kilig with the lead guy... Gerald Anderson (oh sh*t forgot my reputation again!!! WHAT REPUTATION? ilusyonada!!! hahaha!!!), but the lead girl need to Eats!!! she's too skinny, it looks like she's going to faint every 5 seconds... somebody pls. give her a burger FYI they once did a commercial for a local food chain endorsing a burger... wow she should have taken a bite during the commercial... tsk tsk

LSS song of the week: Time and Tide by Sitti... i love her soothing voice & the song.

it's hard for me to stop my heart
love never knows, when the time is right
I don't want to hurt anybody but
can't help loving you
I never felt like this before
I know this is passion... worth waiting for
let love take take its course
that's the only thing for us to do
We got time, oh baby,
there's no rush
gonna be a better day for us
hang on and I will
wait for you
our love will always stay as good as new

Time and tide
nothing and no one
can stop us now
for better for worse
this time I'm sure
it's gonna last
How can I stop my heart?
Love never knows
when the time is right
don't want to hurt
don't want to make them cry
don't want to make them cry

Current Obsession: Gmask my MacBook

Current Addiction: MacBook!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


went to Hk, but not for a much deserved R & R, but to go on a buying trip, hk was not fun at all this time of the month... its was raining like crazy... we were like "basang sisiw" all 4 days of our stay there.

on our first day in hk which is our only free day, we went to harbour city, central & granville being our last stop... was sooo hungry that we bought

egg waffles
(photo from Superlocal)

& we quickly finished the whole thing in merely 5 minutes while carrying our bags, shopping bags & making a balancing act with an umbrella.

i always love the breakfast at the 11th floor of langham Hotel, its very quiet not too busy compared to buffet breafast downstairs (which is rather chaoitic at times), but what i really loved about the breakfast is the smoked salmon.

breakfast of veal sausage with strawberry Jam, Croissant, French toast & Salmon Omelette

smoked salmon

langham hotel is having a renovation for the 100th billion time, i was in langham last year for a total of 5-6 times, & they were constantly renovating... but then the room really is quite impressive, especially the bathroom... which kind of reminds me the bathroom in Amsterdam, but made more decent because of the shade.

new bathroom in langham hotel

saw this shirt at a boutique near the hotel... so funny.

Current Obsession: Smoked Salmon

Current Addiction: MacBook

im in love!!!

what is love? let me count the ways...




Current Obsession: duh?
Current addiction: DUH?


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