Saturday, November 28, 2009

obsession # 8

after watching too many clips of 2ne1 thanks to youtube... im seriously craving for some Korean Bibimbab

Korean restaurant in Fort Strip

cool place mat


Bibimbab (beef strips replaced with chicken)

inggit ako!!!

in Mnet Asia Music Awards sanDara Park was seen wearing this...

shoesie by Giuseppe Zanotti

dress by Balmain F/W 09

grabe ibang level na!!!!

photo grabbed from big21

Monday, November 23, 2009

Obsession # 7

ive been obsessing about the Aurelia Fitflops... ever since it became Out of Stock... i know i know... i should have gotten it when it was still available, i just find it a bit expensive for a gladiator like slippers. but now, i just can't stop thinking about it, & of course my feet is not helping either... im getting this ache on my feet no matter what shoes i wear, flat/heels/wedge... the only thing comfortable enough to wear are my chucks.

Julianne Moore

should have listened to mandy before... grrrrrr!!!

Obsession # 6

Dear Mrs. GVT,

this is your fault... after blabbing about 2NE1... & showing me this website, which is more like a secret religion, rather that a fashion blog... & telling me about how talented Minzi was, & that her grandma was like a big thing in Korean Dance/Art & how great Bom & CL voice were... & of course Sandara... or just DARA as what i have heard she now prefers to be called... i searched high & low for video clips of all 3's audition vid, well ok i also did search Dara's vid... ok!! audition vids are more raw, w/o the glitz & glamour... w/o make-up & w/o surgery (BOM? eyelid? lips?). they are all super fab... Ok, im a FAN na!!

check out to die for 2ne1 fashyown!!!

photo grabbed from big21

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jologs starstruck

yesterday as i was entering Rustan's... in the corner of my eye i saw Bobby Andrews...

Bobby Andrews as Wacks from the defunct teeny bopper show TGIS on GMA 7

he now looks like this

i stopped dead in my tracks... as in i froze.. & just look at him, as he was checking out racks from Banana Republic... buti na lang my kahihiyan suddenly knocked me back from my senses... or else i might have helped him & grab the nice blue L/S shirt that i think will match him nicely & assisted him all the way to the fitting room & have an instant photo opt... ewww ewww ewwww ewww!!! que horror!!!!


have to say goodbye to my gmask keyboard skin... have to change my top case as the track pad is not working properly.. good thing i have apple care.

im now looking for a new skin... but i only want to cover the wrist pad area, i want:

Patrick Star

or Super Mario Brothers

now where do i get it?

what's with the smell?

i like smelling pastries more that eating them... the smell of sweet, freshly cooked pastries gives me a different high... and apparently Teban feels the same...

with his all time fave Chocolate Mousse


got this from a Korean grocery for Php 29.00

inside is a cute canister that separates the lollipop from the ring

lolli looks like a baby pacifier & tastes like peach candy... not really a fan of it, IMO cola flavor would be much better

super cute ring!!!

which awfully looks like a ring that i have.... hello memory lane!!!!

will definitely buy more of it!!!

Kalye Juan

"we will doodle" art on the wall

Complimentary Chips

the best Laing!!!

<3 Crispy Pata

Tuna Sisig

Krispy Shrimp

Squid dish

Lechon Kawali

down teban... down!!!

check out Kalye Juan in Tomas Morato/SM MOA/Robinson Place Manila <3

LSS from Lola Madonna

enjoy!!! i particularly like the 2:14 to 3:20 dance scene <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

too much new moon

there is too much new moon going around that they even created this...

even mandy can't hardly wait... har har har

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obsession # 5

Jimmy Choo x H&M

me likey

images grabbed from nitrolicious


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