Friday, February 15, 2008

*Warning* jologs overload


because of all the love... well ok... i am giddy-sickeningly obsessed like a cute puppy with Gym Guy Hottie, all that i can see are people in love, in the verge of falling love or just want to be in love just to be IN this time of the year, im even playing cupid to a friend & her "3-day Wedding groom" & not to mention i soooooooo wanna watch this local super kilig-yet-no brainer movie & that im hooked to the movies theme song wherein i even instruct my co-worker to help me look for it in the net. i so wanna watch the movie, but a lot of things is coming my way... so for now i can just pacify myself with this song:

Kissing you was not what I had planned
And now I'm not so sure just where I stand
I wasn't looking for true love
But now you're looking at me
You're the only one I can think of
You're the only one I see

All I need
Is just a little more time
To be sure of what I feel
Is it all in my mind
Cause it seems so hard to believe
That you're all I need

my reputation (what's left of it) is officially down in the drain.

Current Obsession: me & Gym Guy Hottie sitting in a tree... __-__-__-__-__-__-__!!! nyahahaha

Current Addiction: ^ that song

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pre V-day

Dear Cupid,

my PLan A (i ask him out) didn't materialize, blame it on my inner Maria Clara(?), i obviosuly was not prepared for that one to come out from the closet. so we are now proceeding with Plan B.

pls. pls. pls. give Gym Guy Hottie the courage to ask me out. Pramis i won't make a scene or be pakipot, ill just act nonchalant & let him swept me off my feet.

Current Obsession: the start of my happily ever after with Gym Guy Hottie... *kilig*kilig*

Current Addiction: limited edition Creative Recreation shoesie from Grey One Social


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