Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food Trip!!!

what do Bagnet, Longganisa, Poqui Poqui, Empanada have in common? VIGAN!!!

went to Vigan, Ilocos Sur 2 weeks ago for a much needed?... scrapped that i think DESERVED is the more likely term... R&R session with friends!!! i forgot how fun it is to be carefree.. to not be worried, to not be checkin' emails, phone... to just forget about everything & everyone.... TO JUST NOT CARE... i know that the vacation was not that long but still... but it was FUCKING WORTH IT!!!

Vigan, is trully a magical place, its super old school, but then they have adapted a bit to the modern culture & the food is like AMAZING!!! (hahaha i sounded like michael, i kinda missed him... hehehe). we stayed at the very cozy

Grandpa's Inn near the plaza & Heritage which is where the heart of Vigan is.

Food was on top of my priority list, first thing i have to try was the Vigan Longganisa.

Longsilog (Longganisa - Sinangag - Itlog)

i actually didn't like it, it was a bit salty & it certainly don't look appetizing at all.

then we went for lunch at La Mirada (the food, ambience & service was much much better compared to the famous Cafe Leona)

Mandy's Lethal Combi: Bagnet & Poqui Poqui (Grilled scrambled Egg & Eggplant)

this is the perfect place to have bagnet!

we also tried the fried Ice cream, it was soooo good we came back again the next day for it.

we also had the Bagnet Pizza in Cafe Leona

it was ok, inventive.

Pizza was serve in a pizza plate, as in Plate with a Pizza printed on it hahaha

then we tried the very famous Empanada & Shrimp Okoy in the town's Plaza

this was what it looks like before frying (Longganisa, Veggies & Egg Yolk)

Vigan's Empanada

it was super yummy, i love that the egg yolk was half cooked, but Mandy prefer it to be well done.

Shrimp Okoy

i was not a fan of this, it was a bit too oily for me.

Current Obsession: Vigan Empanada... I WANT!!!!
Current Addiction: go to the BEACH... w-o-w... HIMALA!!!! hahaha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashion Week

Sunday is my only free time… a perfect Sunday for me is waking up at 11am, have my breakfast of Milk (I don’t drink coffee), Sinangag, Fried Egg & whatever they feel like cooking or Lucky Me / Payless Instant Noodle… hahaha yep Instant Noodle is at the top of my guilty pleasure… hmm I can blog the rest next time hahahaha. Then after my very heavy breakfast… if im not that lazy, I go to my *secret* Salon & have my nails done, but then im always lazy nowadays, so I just stay home & watch marathons of CSI on AXN or try to catch up on the drama in WWE… (im not updated anymore & I have no one to ask… all my friends are not into it, unlike before)

But this Sunday is the only free time for me to go to Fashion Week. I actually started the fashion week with Project Runway… this was the only show that I really wanted to watch & it did not disappoint, can wait to watch the final result.

The Final Runway show of Project Runway Philippines

Between the 3 of them Aries is the Dark Horse, Veejay looks like a shoo in for the win & I think everybody Loves Philip & everybody feels that this will be his big break… but after the show I am confident to say that Aries will win this. What he did gave me goose bumps… & if I have the money, I would buy his winning piece.

The RTW collection

I like what Don Protacio did, Edgy with a twist. I can actually see myself wearing some of it. I was looking forward to seeing Louis Claparols, but he was a no show, wonder what happened?

The Design Fusion Collection

Dax Bayani is a superb tailor, the pleats in all the collection showed his OC side, super pulido!!! the fabric is really nice too, I think it’s a combination of Wool & Raw Denim. Kenneth Chua’s creation is lovely, he got his inspiration from Mary Antoinette.

The Collection show of Bench

First one out was Jake Cuenca, which made the crowd crazy… it was so funny watching a fashion show then seeing the model wave at the crowd, it look so much like a Grand Fan’s day of sort. I spotted about 6-8 celebrities sashaying the ramp among the roster of Bench talents.

SM residences unveils Visions & Trends

I love Jerome Lorico’s design which is dark, edgy… it looks like something that a character from Twilight could pull off & complete with an I-don’t-know-what-is-it-a-wire-a-String? I don’t know but I love it. Kermit Tesoro did not disappoint which his fab shoes, although the headgear was a bit disturbing.

Over all, I think some… well actually most of the designer should just kept their work & hide it at the back of their closet! Me & Mandy was discussing about this 1 designer who made a very very awful collection, who got I think got his inspiration from Mermaids & the SA in Landmark… her only comment was “nung lumabas siya to take a bow, naawa ako kasi mukha syang mabait”, then there is this one very funny designer who was like “lalaking Sisa” when he got out, he look like he got lost… & the model… THE MODELS were… not that tall, some are a bit heavy to be a model & they are not pretty at all & some even walked bad & weird. They should have hired better models to at least help them save their designs, Isabel Roces was part of the models on the latter part, but then did she just give birth? Because if not WHAT HAPPENED? She looked fat & had cellulite all over her arm & thigh, her face is her only saving grace & they should have asked for sponsorship for shoes, it really makes or break an outfit.

grabe watching the shows awaken my inner Bitch!

What im wearing today:

Navy Blue Button Down by H&M
Flea Market Top
Skulls Necktie given as a gift by Annie
Taverniti denim
Polka Airwalks

Current Obsession: Project Runway final result
Current Addiction: status update in facebook.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

hectic... mega hectic

my ultimate comfort food: Sakura's Spicy Tuna

to those who haven't tried it yet... you are missing a lot!!!!!!!

what i wore today:

Snow White & Witch Top from Zara
ruffled dress by Terranova
Black legging from Flea Market
High Tops by Vans

Current Obsession: getting tickets to Project Runway

Current Addiction: getting tickets for Project Runway

a very Lazy Tuesday

what im wearing today:

Leave me Alone shirt from Uniqlo
elephant checked pants from H&M
colored dot shoes from Airwalk

Current Obsession: blogging about Vigan

Current Addiction: Tuna... TUNA!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

bella... bella... bella...

my 2 colleague has been raving about the Twilight series...

they are both TRULLY, MADLY, DEEPLY passionate about the romance between Edward & Bella, Rubee (Colleague #1), who has a very strong convincing power (she was the one responsible for coffee prince, entourage, gossip girl, popcorn) was raving about it for 2 days already... she has been acting really crazy... singing Rihanna's Umbrella & changing the lyrics into "Bella... Bella... Bella..." she has completely turned bonkers with this book... & mind you she is using Audio book with a lady narrator to boot. & my other colleague Annie has been buying the book like its ice cream melting from its book shelves... she almost lost her mind when book 3 ran out, good thing somebody lent her the book or all hell will break loose... & i really mean Hell!! i finally finally joined in & copied the audio book from Rubee... but ill start listening to it, after my trip (btw, ill be in a long overdue vacation to Vigan!!! will post pictures about it next time) hopefully ill still keep my sanity after!

What i'm wearing today:

Opening Ceremony top
Electric Blue Flea Market Leggings
Tattered High Tops shoes

Current Obsession: Vacation... Vacation... Vacation!!!

Current Addiction: Spicy Tuna Sashimi

Saturday, October 11, 2008

last last week's dateless friday

(a 2 week delayed entry)

was supposed to have a full packed friday planned, but at the last minute, the most important 1 was cancelled, then my 2 back ups has already re-scheduled & the 1 semi-back up are for my just in-case... good thing i was not really down if not then i might have called him. i really don't need an added distractions right now, i just want to R-E-L-A-X & i don't think having anyone would help me at all... well atleast not for now.

went to dinner with my colleague instead, we tried this new restaurant at BHS The Stock Market, which had been on dry run for 3 weeks (can't remember seeing a dry run that lasted this long).

we both ordered the signature peach drink

pls. don't try this... you'll just waste your money... it tasted like raspberry flavored cough syrup w/ soda water... eeeyuck!

after taking our order, the waiter immediately gave us big plates (like the ones for main dishes), i initially thought he would be serving us bread which is a common practice with restaurant nowadays, but NO, the plates we're just there for our main course.

we ordered the herb roasted chicken with risotto & penne pasta... we informed the waiter beforehand if he could ask the kitchen to split the 2 dish into 2, so we wont have a mess with it, but the waiter informed us that they dont allow it "masisira daw kasi ang presentation" i was super irritated at this point, but still, i hold on to my seat & wait for the bonggang presentation ever. when the food arrived... i didn't bother to take a pix, because it looks the same as other restaurants.. what presentation?

we tried the dessert... which is also forgettable... it didn't look appetizing at all.

& to top all of this... the waitress handed me my change in a total of 900 ++ peso bill... the shocking part was... i was waiting for my card... so the change was not for me.... SHEEEEEESSSSSHHHHHH

what i wore:

Bayo hooded top
Cheap Monday Denim
just out of the warehouse Creative Recreation "Xmas" shoesie

Current Obsession: nice restaurant

Current Addiction: food

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book list

been wanting to buy this book from the store, but after re-assessing my status, i still have a lot of books on my pile that i haven't read nor browsed... so many books to read... and so little time.

(from Top to Bottom)
1. Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong
2. Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas by Bob Ong
3. The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren
4. The South Beach Diet by Dr Arthur Agatston
5. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
6. The 5 People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
7. Don’t worry make Money by Richard Carlson
8. First Love by Faye Ilogon
9. Twisted 8 by Jessica Zafra
10. Twisted Travels by Jessica Zafra
11. The Book of Shadows by N.E. Genge
12. Magical Rites from the Crystal Well by Ed Fitch
13. My Point… and I do have one by Ellen Degeneres

after typing this i noticed i have such diverse taste in books... from sappy book # 8, magical # 11 & 13, health buff # 4 to funny # 13. WOW!!!

Current Obsession: finishing at least 1 book a week

Current Addiction: SPA

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


was super undecided what to wear today, was planning a different top complete with a skirt but still the same leggings & shoesie but then the outfit didn't match my forever changing mood

What im wearing today:

H&M "it's not over not over Yeah" top
Hannibal Lector gloomy necklace
flea market black leggings & jumper vest
pink nike dunks with stars laces from HK

Current Obsession: sleeping

Current Addiction: Boys nyahaha

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

lazy mondays

what im wearing today:

Wet Seal Top
Brave Beltworks belt
Denim from an unknown Thailand brand
American Eagle Wedge

Current Obsession: Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio from CAV (ill try to post a picture of it next time, was a bit djahe to take a pic because my table neighbor was checking out my food, that's how gorgeous it looks like)

Current Addiction: Cream of Squash Soup from Cookbook Kitchen

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist

A quick-drying mist to encourage restful sleep. With special encapsulation technology that allows bursts of active fragrance to be released at night to aid more satisfying sleep.Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for those looking for naturally inspired ways to help them drift off to a peaceful and restorative nights sleep.

hmmm... mukhang promising

Current Obsession: sleeping

Current Addiction: sleeping

so yesterday...

went to stylebible's party last night... it was held at our next door neighbor Club Ascend, so there really was no excuse not to go... we went in at about 10pm, 2 hours after the 8pm call time, it was so Chaotic (been using this term quite a lot these past few days) its a bit hard to check what everyone was wearing because the room was so packed, me & my colleague we're reduced to checking out other people's shoes.... & MAN, shoes are really BIG right now... & i just can't imagine how can they stand there looking fab & all, knowing that the only thing balancing them are these toothpick like heel... & everyone & i mean EVERYONE was ready to pose & take a picture... everyone was super well dressed. Style Bible didn't disappoint in bringing in Stylish People together.

Brown Striped Dorothy Perkins Coat nabbed from my mom's closet
Eairth Top by Melissa Dizon
Bravebelt Works from Theodore's
Black Tights from Flea Market
Charles & Keith "Titanic" shoe

p.s. i was 20 minutes late in seeing La Greta, she was in & out of the event in just 20 minutes with 1 back up car & a Yaya (maid) to boot. FIERCE!!!

Current Obsession: Killer shoes

Current Addiction: Facebook

Thursday, October 2, 2008


seen in the Aminaka Wilmont SS09 show

(photos from Perezhilton)


im realy bored & restless today... i don't have an ounce of energy at all & on top of that i easily get irritated with menial stuff, im normally a cool composed person, but then now im just annoyed for no reason at all. I NEED A BREAK!!!

what im wearing today:

red hooded top from Michael Stars
Taverniti denims
Airwalk musical notes shoes
Skull ala Hello Kitty by Mandy

*sorry for the the bad pix... im just using my phone's (E90) camera.

CDG x H & M

everybody is raving about the Comme Des Garcon for H & M, it's all over the net this past few months.

can't wait to get my hands on them...

Current Obsession:

Current Addiction: Facebook

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sea of Shoes

i've been meaning to post pictures of the clothes that im wearing to keep track of it, but then inspired by Jane of Sea of Shoes, i have pictured 6 of my fav shoes of the moment, then ill post the outfits that im wearing paired with the shoes.

(bottom left to right clockwise)

yellow Charles & Keith "titanic" shoes
pointed toe polka-dot print Converse "comme" shoes
high cut Vans "borgy" sneaks
high cut violet laced Top Star "ukay" sneaks
musical notes Airwalk shoes
gold metallic python Delman flats

im so excited =)


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