Saturday, May 15, 2010

new 'do

eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!! i haven't updated in so long na pala!!! i promise to do more blogging, a lot of things happened & i should have blogged about it before it sizzles... haayyy but ill do a mini summary about it. so many thing to do so little time...

so anyways, i got my bangs back, colored my hair... was thinking of a lighter brown & adding blondish/ash streaks to it... feeling spaniola ala zobel... but then Jane ruined the moment... by saying she hasn't see my hair in just plain black... sheesh... so it got me into thinking... hmmmm... i don't want plain lifeless black... maybe between black to black na wig. PWEDE!!!

so tadah... here a before & after pix
i miss you bangs =) hahahaha

i had it done in Studio FIx in GB5, been having my monthly haircut c/o Randy & so far i have no complains... love the over all ambience, & ++ factor this time is that i went there super early, i made an appointment at 11am. & good thing Alex Carbonnel was in a 4 day vacation, because when he's IN, the salon is in chaos...lots & lots of customer relies on his A+ service, he's super friendly & not in a pa-chummy way... wish ko lang na i can afford him, with my super long WANT list, splurging on a haircut is a no-no, btw he charges Php 1200 for a haircut... haaay next time =)

so anyway, since i was super early & there is no customer in sight i get to choose where i want to sit... pretty neat right?
studio fix 2

& here's the shampoo area
studio fix 1

they still don't have a website so here's their Pricelist:
studio fix 6
studio fix 7
studio fix 3
studio fix 4
studio fix 5

4/F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
T: (02)501-3062/501-3064
M: 0927-5767598

what im wearing:

new find... YAY =)

Bossinni Top
Grey leggings c/o Mandy
Miss Sixty shoesie
necklace by Accessorize

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roxh said...

nice necklace <3


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