Saturday, February 18, 2012


haven't been blogging since my beloved macbook, went in to have repairs... well actually to have it diagnosed, praying that the cost would not be exag, that i would be forced to buy a new one. well actually in my case, i can't afford a new one... business is not quite good this 1st quarter... & what with the piling problems everyday... haaaayyyyyy ano ba, i thought Dragon Year is my Year... tsk tsk tsk.

hay 1st my camera & now my laptop... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... i concur that dragon year is not good for the gadgets!!!

a college friend of mine (check her site here)who owns a quite successful boutique, told me that everyday she wakes up, she tells herself
"Mahal ko ang Trabaho ko"
... & since then i have the same mantra as hers.

here's to praying for a better year ahead!!! AJA AJA AJA... i can do this...

Mason loves GAGA

uncle Mason? isdatchu?

omg uncle mason kayo naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

hay nako... huli na naman ako sa balita!!!!!


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