Tuesday, May 22, 2007

pix that made my day


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Current Obsession: Popcorn?
Current Addiction: Holly Kettle Corn, Chef Tony's, Kettle Corn...

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm looking for corny in my life.

I finally have watched the movie “the Holiday” although it’s not in a movie theatre or in the comfort of my bed with soft pillows to hug… imagining its Gram (now I finally understood how Jude Law seduced his kid’s Nanny… he’s just too irresistible to ignore). I watched in a 12 hr. flight from Paris – HK… not to bad right? Coz im still 30ft. up from Paris… hahaha

I think the best line from the movie is when Arthur gave Iris a corsage when they went to the awards… he’s a bit embarrassed that giving Iris a corsage will looked corny together w/her outfit… then Iris said “I’m looking for corny in my life”… now that…. THAT is exactly what im feeling right now. I soooooooo need corny in my life.

after watching the Holiday... this is currently my comp. wallpaper... such a fanatic noh?

1. Wallet
2. Cell Phone
3. Petroleum Jelly
4. Pencil
5. Hand sanitizer
6. Face powder
7. Tissue
8. Doodle notebook
9. Lolli/Gum
10. Cologne

1. Miratoots
2. Tam-Tam
3. Lola Heidi
4. Mandy
5. Richard
6. Glovie
7. Ruby
8. Jerome
9. Al

1. Foolish heart (any singer will do)
2. Out of Reach - Gabrielle
3. Say what you want - Texas
4. Love’s Holiday – Earth, Wind & Fire
5. Kamasupra - Eraserheads
6. Sway – Bic Runga
7. Dead eye Dick – Mary Moe
8. Portishead – Glory box

1. Surf the Net
2. Watch TV
3. Listen to Good times w/ Mo
4. Go to the GYM
5. Have Bangus for Dinner (I’ve been eating this for 4 straight months now)
6. Drink Milk
7. Non stop Talking

1. Bed
2. Laptop
3. Cd player
4. White board
5. Stuff toys
6. Shoes

1. When Harry met Sally (a-must-see-movie)
2. Wedding Planner
3. You’ve got Mail
4. Devil wears Prada
5. Face-Off

1. Phone
2. Moisturizer
3. TV
4. Sanity

1. be happily married
2. be a good mom
3. be a good daughter

1. Lamb Spareribs from Duo (I still like Lolo Dad’s grilled Lamb)
2. Shang Palace’s Dimsum (the best dimsum intown)

(excluding family members):
1. Yoshie

Conversations with Bridget (troll boys):

michiepie: nyahahaha... so any boy"S" at the moments?
bridget: shortage or boys dito!!! daming boys na gurls! mga bading.
michiepie: nyahaha... they are everywhere, dumadami rin ang mga troll na boys.
bridget: what’s troll na boys?
michiepie: lam mo yng troll dolls before, they look exactly like that.
bridget: hahaha... super duper daming trolls! feeling ken!!! dami pala dito yung straight na guys who at 1 time got bored & got nothing to do went out looking for gay guys. tripping lang daw.
michiepie: OH MY GAWD… BORED?
bridget: yep! bored daw!
michiepie: cebu desperately needs me!!!
bridget: hahahaha... daming troll dito... baka u want hook up with them and take them with you!
michiepie: no thanks marami din d2.
bridget: read ur blog! Seriously, they sell those weed stuff in cafes? i wonder what space cake taste like.
michiepie: yep... as in u need 2 go there, sayang nga i was too chicken to try it e. sabi nila its like a bite of heaven daw... nyahahaha
bridget: hahahaha... baka all the trolls would look like ken after a bite! sino boys mo ngayon?
michiepie: hay nako, im currently having major eye contact w/ this hunky guy at the gym, pero mukhang puro eye contact na lng tlga.... he's too shy.. sayang ang kanyang buff bod, maybe he's gay? oh my gulay nooooooooooooooooooooooo .
bridget: hehehe... yung ka eye contact ko sa gym turns out bakla sya according to everybody.
michiepie: nyahahaha...u'll never know tlga.

Conversations with Bridget (assistant wanted):

bridget: ey... do you need a travelling assistant... hire me!! Please... i love your work. i totaly hate mine!
michiepie: nyahahaha... the travelling is nice but work load sucks… i now officially have eye lugages instead of eye bags.
bridget: hahaha... i have racoon eyes!
michiepie: pero who doesn't have eyebags naman... its the new “IT” thing, if u dont have it ur now kewl.

Conversations with Naïve? (Eerie songs):

Naïve?: yak kadiri mltr hahaha.
michiepie: oi fav ko kaya b4 mltr… na turn off nga ako nung yng crushie ko b4 e super diring-diri sa kanila. take note na turn off ako sa crushie ko inde sa mltr.
Naïve?: hehe pang beer house yung mga yun eh hahaha.
michiepie: malay ko di naman ako pumupunta ng beer house noh.
Naïve?: imagine mo yung mga tagalog movies, yung bida naglalasing tapos may stripper sumasayaw, tapos mltr yung kanta, tapos bigla nalang sila magsasapakan ng walang dahilan beerhouse fight scene hahahhaa.
michiepie: nyahahhaha oi nakarinig na akong ng movie na ginamit yng kanta ng boyzone IMHO mas ok cguro pag mltr ang ginamit.
Naïve?: boyzone!!!! Wahahahha naalala mo yung isang bold movie trailer na no matter what yung kanta hahahahhahahahahahhaa basta't mabagal lang talaga yung kanta eh.
michiepie: oi nagpapalusot pa na movie trailer if i know pinanood mo.
Naïve?: yak, manunuod nalang ako ng XXX mas sulit pa noh.

Current Obsession: Sleep!!!
Current Addiction: Sleep!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mom's day

Has anyone told you that you’re a bit Crazy?

You may need to blame your genes for that.

But pls. don’t blame your Mom…

Maybe it’s you’re Dad.

Happy Mother’s day to all Moms’!!!

me & my mom in one of our moments...

Current Obsession: Cleaning my Room… but I’m too lazy to do it.

Current Addiction: been trying to blog about my Milan & Paris trip.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More about moi…

Hobbies: Reading Books/Magazines (certified magazine whore), ZzzzzZzzz, Watching TV, ZzzzzZzzz, Bargain Hunting, ZzzzzZzzz, non-stop talking, ZzzzzZzzz, boy watching, ZzzzzZzzz, Surfing the net, ZzzzzZzzz, Gym & more ZzzzzZzzz.

Books: Twisted series by Jessica Zafra (im a huge fan), Drama Queen by Abi Aquino, ABNKKBSNPLAKO by Bob Ong, Angels & Demon by Dan Brown, Pugad Baboy comics by Pol Medina.

TV Show: WWE (I’m an ultimate Stone Cold Steve Austin fan), Ellen (I like the fact that she dances in her show), Grey's Anatomy (adore Cristina Yang/hate Meredith/in lust with McSteamy), Prison Break (the brother's are HOT), CSl (they seriously need me), Friends (so sad that it’s over), Will & Grace (it should be Jack & Karen), Sex & the City (Fashion galore), Project Runaway (I wish I can be even half as talented as them), Ambush Makeover, America's next top Model (I belong there!!!).

Movies: the Holiday (now I understand how Jude Law seduced his kids Nanny), Music & Lyrics (any Hugh Grant movie is goooood), The Devil wears Prada (love it-love it-LOVE it!!!), Face-Off (great actors), Love Actually (I want somebody like Carl), The Usual Suspects (Kevin spacey is good!!!), you’ve got Mail, When Harry met Sally (all time fav), my Little Bride (cute story).

Favorite phrase from a movie: “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain.

Actor: the chameleon Johnny Depp & super sarcastic guy complete with a gorgeous bod Ryan Reynolds.

Actress: ME!

Drink: Kamias juice by Cafè Bola, Bo’s freshly brewed Apple iced tea, White Chocolate dream by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Avocado Shake by Big Chill & my staple Kurrant7 at night.

Destination Restos: Arroyo Chophouse in Pasadena, Simply Thai in Xin Tian Di in Shanghai, Gelato & Crepes in Milan, Guy Savoy in Paris, Waffle ice Cream in Singapore, Korea’s Street Food & Chicken Ginseng Soup, Fish & Chips Resto in Australia & Philippine’s Lolo Dad’s.

Ultimate comfort Food: Sakura’s Spicy Tuna Sashimi, Taro Milk + Taro Pudding by Quickly

Blog Sites: The Bag Hag & Bryan Boy

Song of the moment: Lost without You by Robin Thicke.

Describe yourself: the ultimate Maldita, opinionated, temperamental, demanding & bitchy at times, bubbly, a morning person.

Crushie of the moment: Marc Nelson (saw him 2 months ago & I nearly had a heart attack), Derek Ramsey (hi derek, I don’t know if you know it but… we are so bagay) & Eric "McSteamy" Bane (HOTTTTT)

Dream Travel Destination: riding a camel in Egypt.

People I admired most: my super Mom.

Most Treasured Possession: my Sanity… what’s left of it.

Wardrobe Essentials: I used to say comfy shoes, but I gave in to fashion. So even if it hurts like hell… it’s ok as long as it looks so damn goooood!!!”

Designer: Yvonne Quisumbing-Romulo, Dennis Lustico & the defunct WARP (local) Zac Posen & Kawakubo’s Comme des Garcons (international).

Current Obsession: Brown or Gold Mary Jane Crocs… it’s so ugly yet I love it to death!!!

Current Addiction:
iced cold Water… its soooooo HOT here!!!!

Chill… Amsterdam… chill

I love Amsterdam!!! People there are very laid back, well a bit too laid back, they are really not in a hurry… well it didn’t hurt that even though its 7:30pm they still has a sun & it looks like 2pm only.

But The Shops are closed at 6pm sharp, they closed late only on Thursday at 9pm (Souvenir stores are open till 10pm… IMO they have the best Souvenir store, the humor of Amsterdam people is really something), but then the sun is still up… so you’re left wandering… “Where do these people go?” well there’s the very famous Red-Light District… I really don’t need to explain anything, coz you probably know what there is to know about it. A trip there is really a must, but you must go in a group or at least in 2’s. & be wary of your surrounding.

& then you see a lot of “Coffee Shops” Coffee shops that doesn’t sell Coffee’s, not even a Diet Coke… instead the menu reads:


Weed ---------------------------- $ 3
Hash ---------------------------- $ 3
Weed & Hash ------------------ $ 7
Space Cake -------------------- $ 6

I really wanted to try the Space Cake (a.k.a. Hash Brownies) but im not really in my top shape this past few months with all the traveling, meetings & planning that we’re doing… so maybe next time & im making it sure that there really would be a next time.

Obsession in Amsterdam: Souvenir Shops, Photo Opt.

Addiction in Amsterdam: Raisin Bread & Croissant in FLO

ola Barcelona

Barcelona was fun, they have a lot of great local brands. Shopping is such a huge thing there & you can see a lot of people carrying they’re purchases along the streets.

We we’re cruising through shops when we saw an old guy… totally naked!!! He painted a short to cover his lower body, something like body art… so if you’re far from him, it would seem that his wearing a short, but really he’s not. My colleague told me that when she went to Barcelona last Nov. they saw him too in that same street totally naked in 10 degrees!!!

A lot of people are hollering at him & he just ignored them. As if nothing is wrong… too bad I didn’t get to have a photo w/ him… im a bit wary that maybe he really is a raging lunatic, not an artist & besides I’m w/ my new boss & what will he just think? That he hired a crazy girl? But im just bummed that I missed that wild photo opt.

Quoted by Hugh Grant: “I think we all like people whose sense of humor is a bit black or cruel. Bear in mind that we all have a perverse side, but we generally don’t dare to show it, say what we’re really thinking or do whatever we feel like. We’re afraid of criticism, of not being liked by others & it’s part of the fact we’re brought up to nice & friendly to everyone, which is fine for living in society, but it obviously represses a lot of instinct.”

Obsession in Barcelona: Shopping!!!

Addiction in Barcelona: Shopping!!!


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