Wednesday, July 29, 2009

food again

Soft Shell Crab

im allergic to crabs, but im its SSC i definitely have to have 1 =)

Steamed Tiger Shrimps = SuaHe

my 2 brothers are addicted to Sweet & Sour Pork, any restaurant will do

the best Seafood roll

what's inside

Sea Palace Restaurant
1766 A. Mabini St., Malate Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 521-6969

feeling fashion diary

i love this eairth top but i honestly don't know how to work it!!!

Eairth Cover Up
Giordano tee
Cheap Monday denim
Vans high tops

i <3 my Airwalks!!!

SFAS cover up
neon yellow tank
Bayo top
black leggings
Polka Airwalk

this comic cardi was a very good & unexpected find =)

Thrifted Comic cardi
C2 dress
belt from Brave beltworks
black leggings
Miss Sixty flats

i love this tee, the message is soooo ME!!!

bench dress
black leggings
converse shoesie

Food LOVE =)

2 months ago... i went to visit my dear friend mira to borrow some of her stuff & sample her fine cooking skills =)

pumpkin soup (made from scratch)

pesto cream pasta

don't you just love it when you have friends who can cook? =)

Cafeteria's Pile of Fries (mejo nakakaumay sa laki)

Breaded Porkchops from Luk Yen

Omakase Lunch

John & Yoko's Finding Nemo

Little J on Teen Vogue this September

I DIED!!!!!!! I <3 little J, especially during her nagrerebelde stage on Season 2, i love her styles, her designs, her raccoon make-up, her bright red lipstick, her affair w/Nate... basta i love love love her!!!

bonus video from the set

more here

Monday, July 27, 2009

who wins?

Girls' Generation (SNSD) of Korea


Mac, Kyrby & Gui of Philippines


Friday, July 24, 2009

so cute =)

the best wedding entrance... super cool entourage!!!

the best wedding dance

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i <3 Uniqlo

Suzuki Takayuki top from Uniqlo
dress from Terranova
light grey leggings
Crocs Malindi

Suzuki Takayuki dress from Uniqlo
American Eagle flats

& the one that got away *sob*

the color reminds me of Eairths '08 palette

About the Designer:

Suzuki Takayuki
Takayuki was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1975. He launched his brand “Suzuki Takayuki” in 2002, and has been taking part in the Tokyo Collection since 2007. Suzuki started “ikkuna/suzukitakayuki,: a brand that specializes in organic cotton, as well as “toha,” a new line of products.

Friday, July 17, 2009


thanks to GQ & Photoshop, i now have a new wallpaper =)



this is what im drooling over right now... Marc Jacobs Special Items collection.... perfect for the Marc Jacob fan on a budget.

from left to right:

Bow tie - $25 (cute!!! don't know if i can pull it off)
Flip Flops - $11
Resin Bangle - $6
Metal Spike Ring - $12
Charm Necklace - $16 (i want!!!)
NYU Skin Cancer Tee - $35 (i have the victoria beckham, but i want this!)
Belt - $14
Lipstick Pen - $1.50 (great as a pasalubong)
Glass Drop Ring - $18

clockwise from top left:

Mirror Heart Clutch - $22
USA Tote - $18
Mixed Python Clutch $74
Egyptian handbag (assorted Recyclable Material) - $18 (very RIIR)
Croc Print Portfolio - $198 (classic bag)
Canvas tote - $28

Bowler bag - $49 (hope its not as big as the Pan Am version)

you can check out more items here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 = Weddings!!!

for 2009 alone i have a total of 8 wedding to attend to, im done with 4... & 4 more to go!!!!

1st was Tiffany & Wewe's wedding.
with the reception & wedding held at Sofitel (which the groom's family owned), the pre-nuptial pictures & video shot in Macau, the invitation with chocolates, Jun Escario designing the whole entourage & the bride being a successful & gifted chef/baker which family owns several restaurants & hotel. This was definitely the wedding to beat this year.

the groom & bride with moi & the gang

i <3 the Jun Escario Cocktail dress that Tiff is wearing.

the surprise gift by the groom to the bride... a reworked mini cooper, aptly named "Mini Tiff" awwwww!!!

photo booth happy =)

2nd was Jv & Wellby's wedding
Jv was the 1st in my HS barkada to have a church wedding, ive known her since i was 6 yrs. old, so seeing her walking down the aisle was a bit of a surreal experience to me. she has been planning this for 1.5 year, so finally her 500+ days of stress is finally over

the giddy bride with her proud parents... (look ma no tears, knowing Jv, she just don't want to ruin her make up)

looks more like a debut noh?

at the bridal shower, Jv i think was already drunk here... hehehe

3rd was Ruby & Paul's wedding
being my Ex-Colleague, i have witnessed Ruby's intense preparation for her wedding from sourcing to checking out site for recommendations & negative feedback... Ruby has definitely done her homework. Kudos to the Father of the Bride who rendered 2 songs much to the amusement of the guests & to the groom who made everyone shed tears from laughing way to hard.

the best speech ever... Paul can be a stand up comedienne... truly effortless!!!

the pre-requisite Photo Booth, NOT CAMERA SHY!!!

the wonderful table setting.

4th was Stephanie & Richmond's wedding
i think everyone was surprise to hear that Steph is getting married, because everyone who knows her is aware that steph is afraid of men, as in AFRAID!!! i always thought that she'll be a Nun, but destiny definitely has a plan for her... it was a whirlwind love story which finally ended in the altar.

the dashing groom & the gorgeous bride

table 43 pls.

Xiamen Girls unite!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's all about the balance... Yin - Yang, Nice - Bitch "a little bit of Bitch inside the Nice, a little bit of Nice inside the Bitch."

quoted by Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist


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