Friday, October 7, 2011

life begins at __________

so last saturday, my friends gathered at the salon to celebrate with me my impending doom... complete with pink furry crown with diamante that would put any 3 yr. old princess wannabe to shame

hello kitty party hats, calorie inducing foods, wonderful estrell's cake (which i had for breakfast the next day.. eeep sugar rush!!!!) balloons...

with impromptu charade & pinoy henyo game...

the whole freaking shebang!!!!

we are never too old or too young to be wearing hello kitty party hats =)

so for next year i hope that we could all do this wearing our own tiara's & pinky pouffy tulle gowns

so if i may borrow this line from little Sophia:
"hello... this is us singing Nicki Minaj, let's hit it now"


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