Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear Santa.... it's me again =)

i think i've been good this year.

i now have started counting to 5 before speaking my mind... which often times works.

i'm more patient to immature/whinny people (this took a lot of time getting used to but i tried, ok?).

i mostly kept my strong opinions to myself, unless i feel that it would do more good.

and lastly im proud to say that i only made 7 people (unintentionally) cry this year & i deeply regret 5 of them.

So Santa, i think "I DESERVE" to be on the NICE list.... i think its time.

p.s. i took your advice... i smile more now... & no i don't think it made a difference


Ipod case
Screen shot 2010-12-02 at 3.24.41 PM

LV Sofia Coppola
LV Sofia Coppola

Sex and the City : Kiss & Tell book
sex and the city kiss & tell

Neil Etheridge

(no.... you don't need to wrap him, a simple ribbon & note will do)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010


iba talaga itong pamilyang 'to... ayaw paawat!!!! Photoshop kung Photoshop!!!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Banane Taipei in Manila

a good friend of mine Lola H is selling the much coveted Banane Taipei bags.

These bags were featured in nitrolicious, bagsnob and miss lovely... orders quickly piled up after the wonderful features setting the BT team back by a month or 2 of orders, good thing they have finally started shipping & i must say, it is well worth the wait.

FYI im not selling this... just a very satisfied buyer =) pls. re-direct all orders/message/questions to
Email :
Website :
Facebook :

BT Eco/Dust bag
BT eco/dust bag

Banana International logo
Banana International logo

BT in Green Grass
Banane Taipei in Green Grass

BT hang tag
Bt hang tag

BT care label
BT washing instruction

Quarter view
Bt quarter view

Back view
BT back view

Side view
BT Side view


Monday, November 15, 2010


1 grueling working-holiday ago (there in no holiday in retail) i wanted to watch "Life as we know it" after work & good thing Mrs. GVT was up for it, so we planned on meeting at Greenbelt 3 for an impromptu Movie + Dinner, the movie was to start at 8pm++ so we decided on having dinner 1st, we had dinner at

Marciano's Pizza Pasta Steak
2/F Greenbelt 3

pic from

Spinach Artichokes and Mushroom Dip
Marciano's Spinach Artichokes and Mushroom Dip
was ok, nothing spectacular

Meat Lasagna
Marciano's Meat Lasagna
we ordered the veggie lasagna, but they served us this, when we complained about it, the server checked what she write "yes, ma'am you order meat lasagna" which we are sure, we didn't order, but then she didn't even try to be nice about it, its no biggie so we just shrugged it off.

Saffron Vanessa
Marciano's Saffron Vanessa
this was good

*the food was good not great but what Marciano really needs to address is how they handle situation like this & all the staff looks so bored/over-worked, they look like they are not happy working there, its very hard to get the attention of their staff, you really need to raise your hand like a grade schooler vying for the attention of your teacher & no this was not a busy night at all.

new gadget is L-O-V-E

having worked for the Fashion Retail industry for nearly 6 years now... i can now say that im more of a gadget freak rather than a fashion addict... i would be palpitating over the new announcement by Papa Steve (jobs) more than the new collaboration of designers w/ H&M, or the new IT bag (well i some time gets torn between these 2, but most probably the desire for a new techie junk will win over it.)

so now... may i present you, the new addition to the family *wide grin* and i mean WIIDDDDDDEEEE

new gadget is LOVE =)


update: im planning on not jail breaking this baby... because i really am not that good w/games, heck i can't even get out off the 1-4 level in Angry Birds (looserville), well unless there's a Super Mario Game apps, then i might change my mind =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


just one of those day moment with my sibs.... ENJOY pips!!! =)

vid taken w/ ipod touch 4g (naks!!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Tokyo

i know Little Tokyo, has been there for ages but this is my first time to visit & im glad we finally made time for it =)


Little Tokyo

you have got to try the Edamame

hands down the best Takoyaki in town by Hana
Hana's Takoyaki

fresh Kani Spring roll with TDF peanut sauce
super sarap na fresh kani spring roll w/ peanut sauce

Kagura's famous Okonomiyaki (Pork, Shrimp, Squid, Cheese)
Kagura's Okonomiyaki
ive been searching for the best Okonomiyaki, eversince i had one in Shanghai courtesy of my former Japanese Boss (which she swear is the same as what they have in her hometown Kobe)... this is the next best thing to it =)

Super fresh Maguro & Salmon Sashimi
salmon & maguro sashimi

Pork Teppanyaki was a highly recommended dish
Pork Teppanyaki
super sarap but a bit salty & it taste like A1 sauce was put on it, i think this would be perfect w/ beer =)

my Mom ordered Unagi Don w/Miso Soup
Unagi Meal (w/ miso soup)
she's craving for Unagi for weeks

my brother ordered Gyoza & Beef Gyudon (w/ Miso Soup)
Gyudon + Miso Soup

& i ordered Oyako Don (w/Miso Soup)
Oyako Don + Miso Soup

near our table was a wall of Sake(?) bottles
Empty Sake (?) Bottle as display
then i noticed they we're all empty... so i asked the waitress what it is for... she told me that customers write their name in the bottles... much like a badge of honor... shyet!!! SAKE WALL OF FAME... YOWZA!!!!!!!

names of customers who downed the bottles

after the very hefty meal... we checked the Japanese grocery outside Little Tokyo & i went to buy this:

Pino & Waffle ice cream by Yamazaki Grocery
Pino & Waffle ice cream from Yamazaki Grocery
Waffle ice cream =)

Little Tokyo
2277 Chino Roces ave. (former Pasong Tamo), Makati City (beside Makati Cinema Square)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

cute ni Derek =X

Rockeoke Returns from Gio Puyat on Vimeo.

October 4
@ Bowler

Viral Directed by Gracie Vergara
Edited by Gio Puyat

Saturday, October 2, 2010

this is it!!!

eheads box set

salamat sa mga tumulong umubos ng:

3 family size Pizza
3 double size Pizza
12 Fried Chicken
6 serving ng Spaghetti
12 cups of Rice
3 pitcher ng Coke
12 na tig 8oz na coke

i heart you Ely

kelan ang next video shoot? i wanna gave my modeling/artist fee for FREE =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

YAY... they're back!!!

1. Bones (Season 6)


i love love love love Booth.... i don't care if he's a douche in real life but as Agent Seeley Booth he's adorbs!!!

2. Criminal Minds (Season 6)

love the cast & the show, albeit a bit creepy... it really gets under your skin sometimes but i love it!!

3. Gossip Girl (Season 4)

honestly, im getting bored with GG, not that much happening & the clothes are not as nice as before... pero panalo pa rin ang linyang...

"We don't need tickets... Im, Chuck Bass"

4. Grey's Anatomy (Season 7)

Cristina & Owen gets Married... pero mukhang sasablay ha

love this song from Chief Webber's Victory Dance

5. Vampire Diaries (Season 2)

oo na Elena/Katherine, maganda ka!!! sayo na si Stefan at Damon

pero akin na lang si tito mason ha? RAWR!!!

- Private Practice (Season 4)
- The Mentalist (Season 3)

surprise... surprise =)

yesterday my tita gave this to me as an early birthday present... was totally surprised as i just saw it & was telling my 2 brothers about how the packaging looks nice but that the smell was.... eew!

this was part of Obsession # 15

but then after spraying it on, i changed my mind... it smelled like 1 of my perfume, fruity & a bit flowery at the same time + look at the bottle its sooooo adorable =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

*EDIT: Movie Marathon =)

Update on my wishlist:
got my first gift yesterday from Annie & Mamike

YAY!!! Super <3

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

outfit post

top from hk
grey leggings
cdg x converse

Zara cover up
top from hk
black stirrups
Boat shoes from suelas

nice noh? get it here

hk top
thrifted shorts
tie dye leggings from mandy
cdg x converse

Uniqlo blazer
tank from old navy
mandaya pants from eairth
boat shoes from suelas

got my mandaya pants from Eairth's Sale, they have an on going sale for the month of september 50-75% off for their past collection from 8k++ its now down to Php 2, 075 only super WOW!!!!

im sooo happy with my loot that im planning to go back again!!!


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