Monday, September 27, 2010

YAY... they're back!!!

1. Bones (Season 6)


i love love love love Booth.... i don't care if he's a douche in real life but as Agent Seeley Booth he's adorbs!!!

2. Criminal Minds (Season 6)

love the cast & the show, albeit a bit creepy... it really gets under your skin sometimes but i love it!!

3. Gossip Girl (Season 4)

honestly, im getting bored with GG, not that much happening & the clothes are not as nice as before... pero panalo pa rin ang linyang...

"We don't need tickets... Im, Chuck Bass"

4. Grey's Anatomy (Season 7)

Cristina & Owen gets Married... pero mukhang sasablay ha

love this song from Chief Webber's Victory Dance

5. Vampire Diaries (Season 2)

oo na Elena/Katherine, maganda ka!!! sayo na si Stefan at Damon

pero akin na lang si tito mason ha? RAWR!!!

- Private Practice (Season 4)
- The Mentalist (Season 3)

surprise... surprise =)

yesterday my tita gave this to me as an early birthday present... was totally surprised as i just saw it & was telling my 2 brothers about how the packaging looks nice but that the smell was.... eew!

this was part of Obsession # 15

but then after spraying it on, i changed my mind... it smelled like 1 of my perfume, fruity & a bit flowery at the same time + look at the bottle its sooooo adorable =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

*EDIT: Movie Marathon =)

Update on my wishlist:
got my first gift yesterday from Annie & Mamike

YAY!!! Super <3

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

outfit post

top from hk
grey leggings
cdg x converse

Zara cover up
top from hk
black stirrups
Boat shoes from suelas

nice noh? get it here

hk top
thrifted shorts
tie dye leggings from mandy
cdg x converse

Uniqlo blazer
tank from old navy
mandaya pants from eairth
boat shoes from suelas

got my mandaya pants from Eairth's Sale, they have an on going sale for the month of september 50-75% off for their past collection from 8k++ its now down to Php 2, 075 only super WOW!!!!

im sooo happy with my loot that im planning to go back again!!!


Mom's Chawanmushi
mom's chawanmushi

Porkchop from Contis

teban's fav Dairy Queen

PL's Yakimeshi ... 5 star!!!
PL's Yakimeshi

huge CRAB
huge crab

5 Peso lolli w/tattoo sticker from mini stop
5 Peso lolli w/ tattoo from mini stop

Eggs Benny 2 way from Mr. Jones
Eggs Benny 2 way from Mr. Jones
(ok na sana, sablay lang yung potatoes)

BIsita Pasyente Saturday

went to visit my BFF tam-tam... she sprained her left leg & doctor advise her to have it cast

this was last week, before the cast & after therapy, it was less swollen at that time, pero still grabe...... alin... alin... alin ang naiba
alin... alin... alin ang naiba

now after the cast... she looks like this... skip... hop... skip skip hop hop
skip.. hop... skip hop

moi & mrs. gvt went for a visit... but what to do when visiting a patient?
what to do when visiting a patient?

& so we eat... pose... & laitin lahat ng nasa tv... like any normally friends would do =)
eat... pose... & laitin lahat ng nasa tv

after that we went to visit Baby Alric who just recovered from a Stomach Flu...

OMG lola & alric look sooo alike =)
baby alric: look... its mama =)

yiyi im ok now =)

im ok now yiyi =)

a tale of 2 baby shower in 1 week

2 baby shower in 1 week... arrggghh

was supposed to have 2 baby shower in a week... & both we're supposed to have it on the very same day too... & as much as i want to bail out in one of them... i can't... everyone knows how matampuhin pregnant women are... good thing 1 of them gave birth earlier thus solving the dilemma hehehe

went to visit my friend in medical city after an announcement made by her sister in her fb status... SALAMAT FACEBOOK!!

(dedmahin ang pix ni selena gomez, demi lovato at miley cyrus)

whut????? Baby Tamina is AB+... yay!!!!!!!

Baby Tamina Nivie (TAMINA from the princess in the movie prince in persia & NIVIE from nick + glovie)
Baby Tamina Nivie

Mommy Glovie looks like a grade schooler
Mommy Glovie looks like a grade schooler

now off to Joy's Baby Shower..

friends from college & work unite!!!!

Daddy Chris is practicing.... lolz!!!!
practicing lolz!!!

sige practice pa!!!
super excited daddy Chris

Ipod Touch 4th Gen.

been contemplating on getting an Iphone 4... since its launch...

had sleepless nights about it, but after contemplating its pros & cons... & the comments of user having difficulty with the phone's signal & add to fact the $$$$$ ... thank god Papa Steve has though of me when he launched the Ipod Touch

more of the same but cheaper....

& thanks to Urbandub... lalo ko na syang mahal

Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday wish list

1. Etude House GC

Etude house
(pic grabbed from web)

im currently addicted to Tricia Gosingtian's blog, & i love how she does her make-up & after back tracking his past blog... i found out she's also addicted to EH product.

2. Starbucks Frappe Tumbler

Starbucks Frappe Tumbler

3. Eraserheads box set

Eraserheads Box Set Photos

4. dove soap case

dove case
(via chuvaness)

5. Fashionary


6. London Brogues from anthology

london shoesie from anthology

hmmm what else?


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