Saturday, June 28, 2008

late bloomer

i am now officially a Gossip Girl fanatic. i really ca't imagine how come i was not intrigued about it, was too much stuck with Grey's Anatomy & CSI: NY & Las Vegas so of course im late again... but then better be late than never.

after 2 1/2 days, i have finally finished Season 1 of Gossip Girl... well actually i could easily finished this in 1 day, if only i have the time.


(1) Blair Waldorf (she's gorgeous; i love her fashion sense, i like her Queen Bee attitude... so fierce, & especially the fact that she's easy to forgive, but not to forget which i totally agree with, i love how she's always there for Serena, even after what she did, which is totally unforgivable on my books)

(2) Chuck Bass (i love his cockiness, he's just being true to his self, his fashion sense & i love that he's in love with Blair, he's just afraid that what he's feeling will change him... well duh? don't change your ways, Blair knows everything about you, she'll completely understand what you are capable of, so it's fine.. sleep around)

(3) Nate Archibald (i like him because he's Chuck's friend, he's HOT, i love his bedroom hair & his sexy lips)

(4) Lily van der Woodsen - Bass (she's pretty in her wedding dress, she looks like a much prettier but older sister of Serena)

(5) Jenny Humphrey (for a 14 year old i like her never ending legs )

(6) Georgina (i'm still undecided if i like her or i hate her)


(1) Serena van der Woodsen (She's too whiney, too many stupid secrets which really should just be resolve ASAP & she doesn't look like 17, she's like the BIG SISTER of everyone in GG)

(2) Dan Humphrey (he needs a life w/o Serena, but he needs to find someone other than Vanessa, maybe he could hook up with Georgina... now i think thats a perfect match, so she could literally turn his world upside down.)

(3) Vanessa (i just don't like her)

(4) Allison Humprey (she's just cant compare with Lily)

Current Obsession: GG Season 2

Current Addiction: GOSSIP GIRL

Monday, June 23, 2008

100 days to go...

only 100 days to go... & ill be another year older.

i plan to throw a party this year, a themed party at that, just to erase the burden of getting older & i really want to have a themed (i still haven't decided yet on this one, but im thinking of something that is between Favorite TV/Movie Character - Favorite Super Hero or something that is less over the top for those friend of mine that are rather tame) semi-big bash... i actually first though about it for my last last birthday, but then things didn't push through.

& i plan to do it at Jollibee.


Current Obsession: MacBook wrapped in polka-dot ala Jansport by Gmask & then im going to buy this fromNOYP

Current Addiction:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

just another Saturday

a very late blog entry this was my agenda for last last last Saturday.

Saturday Agenda:
(1)Hair: my hair is damaged, colored, it had been to Heaven & Hell & what it badly needs is TLC.

(2)Shop: went to Rockwell, not that many new stuff, was eyeing a Zara long dress, that i was imagining myself in for my friends engagement party... hmmmm

(3)Movie: watched SATC w/ Mrs. GVT, Lola & Mother Superior

love - clothes, photo shoot for Vogue, shoes, the walk-in closet, the soundtrack, Dante *ooh-la-la*, Mr. BIG (i just love this Guy)
hate - the movie has a lot of edited scene, Steve (i just hate him), Smith (he's not that HOT anymore)

**if i have to choose between Labels & Love... i would have to say "Love that can give me the Labels" hahaha.

(4)Food: had Salmon & Chicken Combo at Pepper Lunch for Dinner

(5) as i was paying for my dinner, the store called & informed me that Cecile was in the the store & asking if she & BryanBoy can take pictures.... well of course they can take pictures... we LOVE them to death!!!!

here's a pic of BB on our hallway

& here are pictures taken by Cecile aka Chuvaness


Common Projects

(Photos from BB & Chuvaness)

Current Obsession:Shifu
played by Dustin Hoffman in Kung Fu Panda *he's so adorable like ME* nyahahaha

Current Addiction: Sleep in my Bat Cave

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

another *drool* BAG *drool* entry

went to GB5 3 weeks ago... was really excited to check out the Marc by Marc Jacobs store (was too busy & this was my only free time) i was going to buy
the Brown Stewardess bag

that was hunting me for more than 2 months because of Cecile's blog, i actually saw her on the Kustaa Saksi event & she was carrying her new baby
a Marc Jacobs Rainy day bag

which i didn't pay that much attention to (stupid me!!) i now i'm searching all over th net for it, but then its out-of-stock!!!

& then Cecile blog's about these 2 bags, 1 is a Pink Goyard bag that she saw in HK airport
Goyard St. Louis GM (imagine this with jamaican stripes with my initail on it *drool*)

& another is a Longchamp bag whch she saw in Colette's site
Jeremy Scott Pliage

then i saw this cute bag in Mrs T's site
a Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Bunny Rucksack

FYI i didn't buy the Stewardess bag, i was actually dissapointed with the quality of the bag & i was really hesitant to buy something that would not survive even for just 2 months.

(Photos from Chuvaness & Mrs. T)
Current Obsession: BAGS!!!
Current Addiction: BAGS!!!


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