Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 3 HK

Macau... Macau here i come!!!!

Turbo Jet Ferry (Economy Class)
HK to Macau = HKD 134
Macau to HK (6:30pm onwards) = HKD 176

hk to macau ferry ticket

Direction: take MTR to Sheung Wan then take Exit to Macau Ferry. buy your tickets at the 3/F, then proceed to boarding gate, Travel time is approx. 1 hr.

Important: Bring Passport, as you will be passing by immigrations

Ferry Schedule here

upon reaching Macau, take bus to any desired Hotel (they offer free shuttle service) but i highly recommend

The Venetian
the ventian macau

"Manong. pa picture powh!!!"

stopped by for Lunch at Itamae Sushi in the Venetian

the wow view
hk-macau day 3 lunch

eel spring roll
hk-macau day 3 lunch

sea urchin
hk-macau day 3 lunch

salmon & salmon roe
hk-macau day 3 lunch

there was a german(?) lady singing ala Lani Misalucha... wow!!

but then the weather is not cooperating with this trip... it was raining the whole day... so i decided to just stay in the Venetian

& played in the Casino
which is really the reason why im excited about this trip hehehehe =)

i played:

SIC BO, meaning dice pair, is an ancient Chinese game of chance played with three dice. The table is elaborately lighted and can sometimes be found in a special section of the casino reserved for Asian games.

It is a very simple game to play, for the object of the game is to either select the individual numbers, or a combination of the numbers, that will appear on the dice after they are shaken and rolled. The betting possibilities and their payoff amounts are depicted on the table layout by showing the faces of the dice in their many combinations. There are single die numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind, or combinations of any two or three of the dice.

info from here

at first i didn't understand the game so i just put my bet (min. bet is HKD50) on the #6, i won almost HKD 900 just by placing HKD50 on #6, i switch table whenever i lost a round, but the more i understood the game... the more i lost ='( pero grabe the people there are not hyper, as in very calm, even though their money is at stake, but i overheard from some mandarin speaking group that there are 2 guys in one of the Baccarat table that hasn't left the casino floor for 2days... grabe!!! jingle lang ang pahinga!!!

& Black Jack

but sadly after more than 6 hours playing... i lost =(

so to ease the pain (drama queen alert!!!) i went to McDonald's for dinner. now now now... pakibaba ang kilay... McDonald's outside Philippines has the best Grilled Chicken Burger (i wonder why they don't have it here & i always have it wherever im in HK or China)

Grilled Chicken Burger
hk-macau day 3 dinner

sorry for the blurry photo... pero basta you have to try it... super sarap!!!
hk-macau day 3 dinner

French Fries
hk-macau day 3 dinner

+ Seaweed Flavoring
hk-macau day 3 dinner

= yum yum yum YUM!!!!!!
hk-macau day 3 dinner

even though i didn't get to see the rest of Macau & i lost ='( it was definitely a trip worth remembering, i told my story in Macau to my brother as soon as i got back & im planning a trip for us, hopefully early next year.... babawiin ko natalo sa akin... bwahahahahaha!!!

what i wore:
bossini cover up
mango tank
eairth pants
m by mj flip flops

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 2 HK

Day 2 was meant for Central, TST & Causeway Bay & to help me plan everything out... i need the help of this

hk 360
when youre in hk, its super hard to ask around for directions, i remember i was in Cuaseway bay & it was raining hard, so i have a bit trouble navigating the map, i stop by a boutique & asked for direction to the nearest MTR, the SA told me that she didn't know where it was... HELLO? pano naman di nya alam? everyone uses it no!!! then as i walked, grabe as in 20 steps... MTR na pala.... so this map was super useful for this trip!!!

i saw LIGER through nitrolicious & check out her visit here

this tata baby bags were out of stock & has a long wait list

pic via miss lovely

i think i saw a hk celebrity inside the store with her stylist. if i ever open up my own store, it would probably be like Liger... with super select labels & minimal pieces per collection.

Large size: HKD 3280
Medium size: HKD 2880
Smaller size: HKD 1780

now i did visit the COMME DES GARÇONS

pic via wallpaper
(check out more pix here) VM was super nice, simple, straight to the point, very minimalist... my only complain was the AC... i was drenched when i got in, but their AC was in 16c kaya super brrrr..... + they don't let shoes inside the Fitting Room, tapos the flooring was in cement, as in no wooden tiles kaya double brrrrrr...

but it was raining hard that i didn't take a pic anymore but it's super worth the visit... too bad that they don't have my size for the CDG x Converse shoe that i was looking for.


i stopped by a chinese restaurant in central for lunch & had super spicy shrimp curry & iced milk tea (when i say super spicy... as in naiyak ako sa anghang!!)
hk day 2 lunch

the only marc by marc jacobs that has special items... but super limited designs =(
marc by marc jacobs

I.T. was on SALE =)

bought this super cute hot pink bag

JUICE, saw this also in nitrolicious.. its owned by Edison Chen, check out her visit here

Dinner was @ Ajisen, had Tom Yum Chicken ramen (i asked for not spicy & it tasted weird)
hk day 2 dinner

what i wore:
Zara cover up
tank by Proud Race
yoga pants
h&m shoesie

shop list:
- LIGER (No. 11 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay)
 UNDER THE GROUND (No. 2, 10 Ice House St., Central)
- COMME DES GARÇONS PLAY (5 Pak Sha road Causeway Bay)
- Marc by Marc Jacobs (G01 Fashion Walk, Kingston St., Causeway Bay)
- JUICE (No. 9-11 Cleveland St. Fashion Walk
 Causeway Bay)
- I.T. (No. 6-10 Cleveland St.
 Fashion Walk
 Causeway Bay)

an MK movie... MK!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 1 HK

5 days alone time is super bliss =) =) =) i realize that i need to do this every year... & i don't need to spend a lot too =) first stop in day 1 is to check out City Gate outlets which is near HKIA.

from HKIA ride the Bus to Citygate Outlets, it can be reached in just around 10 minutes by buses S1, S52P and S64

1st thing to do, when you reach citgate is to look for the baggage lockers in Basement 1 & 2, but there are very limited slots & you need a HKD 10 coins for it.

then i had a hefty lunch of chicken rice at 1 of the stalls in food republic.
hk day 1 lunch

Pedder warehouse, one of the store that is worth visiting

check out citygate outlet's website for more shops

afterwards i went & check in to POP hotel in Mongkok

they have this nice installations at the lobby.
hotel 1

& a ghost chair
hotel 2

inside the room:

hotel 3

hotel 4

Shower area
hotel 5

hotel 6

cheap (approx. HKD 680 a night)
bus to HKIA & MTR are very accessible
near langham place mall & other shopping area in mongkok

super bad tv reception
no room service

how to get here:

Address: No. 950 Canton Road (Near Soy Street), Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Tel :852-2117 0033
Fax:852-2117 0022

dinner was @ Genki Sushi in Langham Place

hk day 1 dinner

Bonito Tuna
hk day 1 dinner

3 Kinds Salmon
hk day 1 dinner


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