Wednesday, December 31, 2008

wala lang song

im currently addicted to John Mayer's 2001 song Back to You... wonder if he's singing it to Jen Aniston, now that they're back together... hmmm.. sexy time LOL!!!

Current Obsession: finishing twilight, i just can't seem to finish it... arrrgh!!!

Current Addiction: this song

HAPPY 2009!!!

May 2009 bring you good health, success, more love & happiness thru out the year... HAPPY HAPPY 2009!! =)

*what's your resolution?"

1. "i should really try to kick my asshole-ness up a notch hahaha" Mike C. : Web designer, Student, Asshole in training

2. "to make a lot of money & Travel more!" Michael S. : Fashion Stylist, La Aunor fanatic, Book Author.

3. "study hard, lose weight, have fun & Date!!!" Mira S. : Nurse in Waiting, Mommy ng barkada, Partner in Crime

4. "di ko alam e... ayaw ko mag resolution. kasi mahirap i tupad yung mga ganun sa part ko." Teban C. : Angkong, Junior Attorney

5. "look for more shows" Ronald : Model, Volleyball Coach

6. "resolution ko ay wag nang gumawa ng resolution" Pc C. : Industrial Designer

7. "be the better version of myself" Rhomer C. : Stock Girl

8. "kain ng kain para tumaba" Nida C. : Sharonian, Lamon Partner

9. "hindi na ako kakain ng pang high blood. haha wag lang ilalapag sa harap ko" Bert G. : Lechon Matador, 80's Music Fanatic

10. "More Outrageous poses!" Ermie C. : Character/Stage Actress, Model

11. "Same pa rin magpapasexy kahit sa dreams" Jenny U.-L. : Dentist, Loving Mother/Wife, Wonderful Cousin.

12. "everything in moderation including moderation" Jake V. : Photographer, Vespa Addict, Happy Hippie

13. "wala akong resolution" Heidi R.-O. : newbie Probinsyana, Naruto Addict

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hanuba ulit!!!

remember Ryan Gosling of Murder by Number, Fracture & the Notebook?

now watch/hear him S-I-N-G... pramis di ko 'to kinaya!!!

In The Room Where You Sleep

Current Obsession: Sleep

Current Addiction: Lechon... too many parties... too many Lechon... aaarrggghhh

(skinless lechon by Ryan V.)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the best gift for 2008

for the longest time i have wanted the Airmax Pillow... i was always fascinated with its infomercial... i am one of the gazillion of sucker for infomercials.. heck i even wanted to buy the 9 minute marinator & i don't even cook.

9 minute Marinator

Airmax pillow from my brother

Current Obsession: CDG Dropped Crotch Pants

Current Addiction: Sleep

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas to me

my Xmas gift to myself

& you can check out here who i bump into... super thanks to Lainey for my new Baby!!!

Merry Xmas everyone!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


after a super filling dinner at PL, i finally watched Twilight w/ Mandy.

10mns. before showing

the movie house was not that packed anymore unlike its 1st week.

after watching the movie my verdict:
1. Edward is HOT!!!
2. i can do a much better & convincing Bella.
3. they all look pale... im having a hard time thinking who's the vampire & who's not.
4. i like the character of James... i think there's still a lot to explore, too bad he's dead.
5. i wished Edward & Bella... would just get it on!!!

& now that this is over & done.... i can read my book.

Friday, December 19, 2008

our Bingo Porma

on Ann
Cheap Monday top
Top shop denim
MJ Pan Am bag
Zara yellow shoesie

on Moi
Zara Cardi
Flea Market top
Bossinni Scarf
Comic Leggings
CDG White box backpack
Converse "comme" shoes

(Photo by CVS)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things you should never give this Christmas

Picture Frame *unless you put a really nice picture of you 2 together*

Photo Album

any Angels *unless the person collects angels*

Candles *all colors, sizes & shapes*

Fruit Cake *it doesn't taste good at all*

Chocolates *this is not a christmas gift*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

just another food entry

a dish from Terry's selection (sorry forgot the name)

Aristocrat's Palabok... i like Red Ribbon's version more hehehe

the super juicy Wrangler's Pork Steak of Texas Roadhouse Grill

Current Obsession: LV x Stephen Sprouse Neverfull MM in Neon Green
(Photo from Chuvaness)

Current Addiction: Sascha's version of Panalangin LOL!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eairth on SALE

made plans to visit the Eairth sale as soon as i received the text. me & ann we're there on the very first day at 1:30pm... i think we we're the first one to be there hehehe... super no regrets!!! bought a top which i can turn into a coat/jacket for 50% off & rummage to the sample sale bins & got a trousers for Php 500 yipee... will definitely post pictures wearing them.

the Php 500 & 1k bin (there's one nice pants in the 1k bin in my size... im just a bit hesitant to wear it... its a bit too cropped for me)

2008 collection rack that are all priced at 50% off

*paparazzi shot of Irene Marcos-Araneta*

Eairth was recently featured in Nylon magazine...kudos to Melissa & her wonderful team!!!

more Eairth

Eairth is located at 101 Bormaheco cond. Metropolitan avenue corner Zapote st. Makati

Monday, December 15, 2008


i received 3 super exciting text messages this month:

(1) from CVS: Hello. Our Christmas Bingo is set on December 13, Saturday at 7pm. Pls. Bring 1 gift & 1 dish or Bottle or Friend. Let me know!

(2) from Melissa D.: EAIRTH-lings... Super private sale from Dec. 15-20. Swing by and grab a bag of treats for the holiday. Samples from Php 500 - 1k. All of 2008 stock at 50% off. Studio at 101 Bormaheco cond. Metropolitan avenue corner Zapote st. in Makati Big Kiss!

(3) from Michael "Hello Ka!!!" S.: PLS. RESERVE DEC. 20 SAT 2pm-5pm! Am inviting you to my First Ever BOOK LAUNCH w/ co-author Jenny Dizon-Hoschka Manila's 50 Must BUYS - at Fully Booked FORT -- a guidebook of niche products. gifts n select services. Would love to see you! Thanks for your support!


so first went to the Bingo last friday, had super FUN!!! the food is superb... was eyeing the Lechon the whole time... was worried that they opened it much earlier than expected... but then after 1 hour its still super crispy... *sorry i forgot to take a pic, was too djahe to do that* met a lot of old faces & made new friends...

the BIngo Game Master: CVS
Bingo Luningning: Mich Dulce *super entertaining, especially when she does her moves*

Bingo? No... sadly i didn't win a thing

The only prize that matter:

Pepper Lunch Pouch

*inside* Pepper Money


Current Obsession: a Diana F+ flash for my Camera

Current Addiction: LAMON!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008



Wednesday, December 10, 2008


finally tried this at Pepper Lunch

the Unagi Pepper Rice "Before pix"

the Kani Salad

& the verdict....

Unagi Pepper Rice is ok, but i think ill enjoy the Unagi & Egg more.
Kani Salad was super Yummy!!! a definite must try!!!

the "After" pix of Unagi Pepper Rice hehehe

NO SOUVENIR taking at PL

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

just finished watching...

1. Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 12
> why is Nate's becoming a man whore, he's kissing everyone...
nate & blair

nate & serena

nate & the duchess

nate & vanessa

nate & jenny

grabe... Dorota better brush you're teeth... you're next!

2. Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 10
> was super happy about Little Grey & Little Sloan's super winner scene!!!

> was a bit bitin w/ Dr. Hunt & Yang's Vent scene... tska di ba madumi ang vent? yuck diba?

Current Obsession: be the next conquest of McSteamy!!! UTANG NA LOOB TEACH ME RIN!!!
Current Addiction: Bones (finished 2 1/2 Season in 4 days)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

quote - unquote 1

"kelan kaya mangyayari na yung gusto mo, gustong gusto ka rin, tapos di mo pa sya kailangan buhayin?" Mrs. GVT


last week

bossinni cardi
F & H top
blue leggings
Chucks "comme" shoesie

i super love the print of my top & my shoesie!!

Current Obsession: what food & gift to bring for the bingo?

Current Addiction: Onion Rings & Lechon

Thursday, December 4, 2008


& true to tradition...


9 ways poncho

remember these?

well the gift did come with an instructions as to how to wear it. they will get your email ad & send this.

the super funny thing is... the girl doing the demo is my BFF & she gave this to me... talk about self promotion hahaha

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


i was passing by this store last week, when in a pile of dirty old 80's shirt, these comic leggings were like screaming at me... 2 for Php 150... STEAL!!!!

Bring back Peace top by BSX
Cheap Monday Cardi
Flea market Comic legging
Creative Recreation shoesie

p.s. what is wrong with blogger? it takes billion light years for me to upload a picture!!! H-E-L-P!!!!

Current Obsession: Palabok & Lechon... *drool*

Current Addcton: Leggings!!

my Fav store

i try to go here once or twice a week, like how people hog muji... wherein you buy all this pens... notebooks you probably don't even use that much. well Echo store is my Muji, but then im a very careful shopper they have a lot of stuff that im interested in like Ilog Maria, Messy Bessy, Mother Earth products etc. i love the staff... i feel that they're Happy... maybe its because they know that what they're selling is helping a lot of people & keeping our world a much better place. (wow drama)


visit Echo Store located at Serendra.


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