Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pepper Lunch

Went to Pepper Lunch last May 15, they were having a 3-day test run for Family, Friends & Press people before they officially went open to public on May 16. I was plesantly surprised & excited when Cecile aka Chuvaness personally invited me to visit her new Baby.

The food was superb, service was A+ the people behind the counter even told us their highly recommended dish but i was eyeing the Beef pepper rice before hand... too bad i forgot to take a pic & finish the whole thing in 1 big gulp nyahaha. & as for dessert i had Vanilla Crepe cake & Kuromitsu Soft Ice Cream (ofcourse i shared this with 2 other people because it would be too much if i ate everything hehehe), can't wait to go back again & try the highly sensational Molten Milk Chocolate Cake & the Salmon & Chicken Combo.

check out their menu:

(Photos from Chuvaness)

Pepper Lunch is located at the Powerplant mall in front of Rustan's supermarket at the Concourse.


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