Friday, November 9, 2007

LSS of the Week:

Omnisoul - Waiting...

Waiting (Save your Life) by OmniSoul
every morning i work up listening to this song being played on the radio. & the only lyrics i would hear will be... "if you want me to, ill be the one for you... maybe i could save your life" hmmm is that a sign or what?

Jet - Cold Hearted...

Cold Hard Bitch by Jet
3 Months ago Annie G a.k.a. Baby Ma-Ling introduces me to this song in one of our butt-aching trips from LA to Vegas... soshyalness!!!

East 17 - Each tim...

Each Time by East 17
my brother has this weird taste for song's that are not new & totally baduy... which really stucks to your head & makes you sing along to it & mind you he's 6 ft. tall with a total love for mushy-poppish songs.

Current Obsession:

to buy or not to buy... that is the question
Current Addiction: sleep... i want my PJ's


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