Thursday, August 23, 2007

chain saw stabber

i dont wanna see the chain saw stabber face today.
i am not mentally & physically stable yet & i dont know what im capable of doing to her when i see her.
i dont know what 2 say 2 her its either ill freak out again like what i did yesterday (complete w/ walk-out mode) or ill be deadma & be a tuod na bato.
& i dont think i can do the cold-heartless bitch routine now.
i am sooooo stupid i should have done that yesterday but then there's this screaming faggot inside my head & he or she got out first.... peste
& after re-reading my CSI entry... i am seriously thinking of doing that... kesa naman i do it when we reached Vegas & NY... i am so not ready to meet Grissom & Detective Mac in the Flesh.

Current Obsession: Killing someone *hint*hint*
Current Addiction: Polishing my tools.......

Friday, August 17, 2007

another Umbrella

everybody has seen the music video of Umbrella by Rihanna... & with all the hype that its been through ofcourse i watched it. i personally don't like it & all through out the video i was just staring at her huge huge thigh (not that i have a smaller thigh than her, but i dont go showing it off in the super short dress & naked even)

but i saw this video posted in mr. Perez's site
& i absolutely love it!!! check out the video to know what im raving about

Current Obsession: blog site's

Current Addiction: gym *ack*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


saw this guy strutting ala Tyra B. in TST Hong Kong (work it girl... WORK IT!!!!) & despite the heat he was wearing cowboy boots w/ his denim short cut-offs... & i really just cant resist this paparazzi shot. thus the blurry pix

Current Obsession: my love + hate relationship w/my hair

Current Addiction: Singing in the Rain

Friday, August 10, 2007

the best video ever!!!


been listening to a lot of music lately... some are way way old & some are relatively new. here is my LSS of the Moment... enjoy!!!

Mika - Relax, Take...

Current Obsession: Peanuts
Current Addiction: Peanuts

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


1. Rollercoaster

saw this in my dad's hk magazine... i think this is in Japan, they require you to take of your shoes before you take the ride.

2. Pride & Prejudice

3 yrs ago i saw a trailer of this movie included in the special features of the dvd that i was watching, tried to look for it in my trusted DVD supplier *pls. dont squeel me to the OMB*

3. Pixie cut

i know ill look like chicken little's big sister if i do this, but im so tempted to do this.

4. Sign

saw this at a shell gas station... who is this sign for? they should have wriiten this instead... "WALA KAMING PERA DITO... WAG NYO KAMING HOLD-UP IN PLS. LANG!!!"

5. Soup

a year ago my tita served this soup for her bday... hehehe weird looking yet yummy

6. Labor of Love

i call this pix Labor of Love, i know its just peeled grapes... i was touched that for snacks my mom gave me this plastic container w/ this... she knows i hate the skin of grapes coz it sour & im too lazy to peel its skin

Current Obsession: Zara's TRF Black Patent Sneaks
Current Addiction: Chef Tony's White Chocolate Walnut Popcorn


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