Monday, September 28, 2009

help people HELP!!!

i know a lot of people who really wanted to help out with the recent crisis that we are experiencing. We can all start with this:

Globe & Smart are now connected with Red Cross Rescue and Relief Operations just text RED amount to 2899 (Globe) and 4483 (SMART). The service only accepts the following amounts: P10, P25, P50 and P100.

click on the link for more informations on Typhoon Ondoy Emergency Hotlines and Relief Operations

For those who are outside the philippines who would like to donate to the typhoon victims, pls. visit Ayala Foundation USA & on the donate for box pls. select the Philippine National Red Cross

Friday, September 11, 2009

hindi ko kinaya!!!

its been raining cats & dogs this past few days,,, classes were even suspended because of the typhoon, i love rainy days when im just at home, hibernating in bed with a huge mug of hot choco & my mega warm blanket... but not when i need to go out & be a basang sisiw... "ang outfit ko nasisira...anoh ba!!!!!!" LOL.

so anyway, yesterday the car passed by NBC tent as i was on my way to the store, & i notice a lot of models... mostly guys... i even told my driver, that there might be a show going on, but i didn't mind it since the weather is really ruining my mood. i even went home early, i was afraid we might get stuck in traffic because of the non-stop rain.... grabe!!! mega bad move... this was what's happening in NBC tent... as in only literally 50-60 steps away from the store.

i <3 Gerald, Akihiro, Aljur (ang jologs ko talaga!) & Super Manuel.... nakakaasar grrrrr!!!!


chinese food at downtown is the BEST!!! specially those small, old, amid a bit dirty, you should definitely not judge the book by its cover... meals are really tasty, filling & cheap as well.

here's some of the must try:
Tasty's Spareribs

Tasty's Silver Roll Bread

a bit crunchy on the outside, super moist & soft in the inside.

Tasty's main menu Porkchop rice... truly a must try!!

Manosa's giant Siomai (compare the Calamansi with the siomai!!!)

Manosa's Maki

Manosa's Chami (not a big fan, but still very tasty)

Masuki (Ma Kong) Noodle house is one of the oldest noodle house i know, & still serving the same great tasting noodle.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

KIMMY DORA (kambal sa kiyeme)

in this troubled times we all need a dose of Kimmy Dora

Kimmy Dora quotable quotes from facebook:

"Bakit mo ako pinapausukan? Ano akala mo sakin... SALMON? " - KIMMY to albularyo

"You can take the dog out of the squatters... but you can never take the squatters out of the dog!" - Kimmy to mikky the dog

"Yaya! Kunin ang cheque book! Bilhin mo yang bus!" - KIMMY

"Ang askal ginawa para magbantay ng bahay! hindi ng opisina!" - KIMMY to DORA

"Do you work here? You're fired!.... YOU ARE SOOOO FIRED!!!" - KIMMY

"inumin mo yan, Dahon lang yan ng bayabas.... na nilaga sa semilya ng batang kambing". - albularyo to KIMMY

"Ang bobo pagsuotin mo man ng blazer, bobo pa rin!" - Kimmy to DORA

Thursday, September 3, 2009


the much awaited Bleach Catastrophe & Cecile van Straten collab Heather Miss Grey was finally sealed + done & is now available (but by the looks of the launch, some pieces might already be sold out) in Bleach's Greenbelt 5 store.

the Invite

the winner pouch, which is now my official Kikay Kit

Heather Miss Grey

what did i get:

what i wore:

Bayo cover up
tee w/ bowtie by Mandy
dhoti from SM
black tights
H&M shoesie

& as much as i wanted to take pics of all the fabulously dressed people at the launch, im just too shy to do it, so just wait for Cecile to post it at her blog =)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday wishlist aka "so-i-tell-you-what-i-want-what-i-really-really-want" Part 2

7. home tv networks The Body Slender

im an infomercial junkie, i just cant help it!!!

8. a new pink hard case in satin for my mac or a new gmask

9. CDG Play X Converse

i love love love converse & with a collab with CDG Play what more can you ask for? i've been raving about this since last April

10. Heather Miss Grey by Bleach x CVS

no explanation needed!!!


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