Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 birthday wish list

1. Rilakkuma Dancing Speaker

2. Satchel Bag

BasicBags Manila two tone satchel in dark violet & yellow

Cambridge Satchel in fluo Pink

(saw this in schu last week, it was really well made super bright & parang ang fun nya na bag, perfect for people who mostly have a basic color scheme wardrobe going on... perong parang ang mahal for a not-everyday harabas bag)

Handmade Leather satchel from Frannie & Vinnie

(im super loving the strap pad... reminds me of Obsession #17 bag)

or Michael Kors heart Manila Canvas Bag

(which is the cheapest, pero walang WOW factor pag malapitan.... oh yes me ganon kahit sa Bag)

3. Shibuya shoesie from Anthology

4. MAC Ruby Woo

5. Kidrobot x Swatch

6. maybe a new phone

(any simple bb curve will do)

7. and WORLD PEACE.... choz!

torrent help!!!

ive been wanting to DL this movie but haven't found a torrent file for this, if you happen to know where i could DL this PM/DM/email/txt/call me!!!!!!


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