Friday, January 30, 2009

i <3 Chuvaness

what im wearing at last nights PL launch in Shang:

Uniqlo shirt
Cheap Monday cape
Eairth pants (that i got in the Php 500 bin yay!!!)
Adidas shoesie
H&M x CDG bag w/ my I <3 Chuvaness badge

check out who else was there here

(photo from Chuvaness)


LOL thanks for the tip Neva!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PL event

went to PL Shang's Launch & was totally impressed with the fashionably chic people who attended... they have this part when they asked "big time" people to do a demo on how to prepare their favorite dishes... first 1 was Sen. Allan peter Cayetano... WOW!!! they asked a Senator just to do a demo... ibang level, then next was Mich Dulce... who's super bubbly as always... Mich was super funny bec. as soon as she's finished with her demo, she really wanted to eat her cooked food na, that was how hungry she is hahahaha!!! then next was Chef Elbert Cuenca & Director Robbie Carmona... very impressive list right?

i had my camera with me, but i was super djahe to take pics of the event, baka akalain pa nila feeling photog ako... djahe lang, ill wait for ryan of ews (who's the official photog of the event, grabe andaming nyong raket ni garovs, ibang level!!!!) to post it on his facebook na lng hehehe.

goodies from PL launch, include the PL "yummy" mouse pad (i got the Shimofuri steak) & my picture taken by the photo booth (super cooool) kainis lang i didn't see that there was a props table on the side, with chef hat & PL hat & chopstick to be used as a props)

im so proud to say that i belong to the Top 20 who received this from Cecile... yipeee!!! Super duper Thanks Cecile, will definitely hang this as a badge!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

belated Kung Hei Fat Choi

better late than never... here's some pix just outside our office, which is in the heart of chinatown, so all the merry making is super duper heightened in this area specially.

a paparazzi pic of ex-mayor Lito Atienza, he was casually walking with some *pips* visiting his old haunts.

my mom would kill me if i didn't wore something red but i was left uninspired from all my yucky red clothes.... so i ransacked my dad's closet & borrowed his plaid top... which i coined the "Johnny Delgado collection"

Johnny Delgado Collection plaid top
Cheap Monday denim
Adidas shoesie

Mark heart Lexie heart Mark heart Lexie

im sooooooooo kilig with Dr. Mark Sloan (McSteamy) & Lexie Grey's (lil Grey) last scene (Season 5 Episode 13) in Grey's Anatomy... i don't really care about *the rest* as long as they give me my dose of Mark & Lexie.

what happend to *the rest*

1. Meredith - still & will forever be whiney, tries hard to be cute, using that squeaky voice of hers.

2. McDreamy - still loves meredith & might be proposing to her on the next episode. which we all know what will happen, Meredith will panic & be distant with him & he'll get confused & eventually just understands her & then the cycle continues - propose-shocked-dumped-understands-love & repeat!!!

3. Cristina - i use to like her but then Major Hunt & Meredith totally ruined her Aura & her Bitchiness.... she has really tamed now. i like her when she's with Burke.

4. Major Hunt - has really some Major Major issues that he needs to address before messing things up with cristina.

5. Dr. Bailey - i want the 1st season Miranda Bailey back!!!

6. Chief, George, Izzie, Karev - they could just kill their characters & its ok.

7. Callie - she the resident weird & confused kawawa....

i miss Preston Burke...

Current Obsession: Episode 14

Current Addiction: Mark & Lexie moments

some random pix

love this shoesie, but i find it hard to matched it with my clothes

H&M shoesie
neon socks from some random store

this was a snack prepared by mom for me *awww* ... i think this weight at about 1/2 a kilo...

mukhang alam nyang maraming makikinabang dito bwahahaha

Jane-Jane's (our resident all-around-girl) statement shirt

"Aanhin mo ang gwapo, kung mas malandi pa sau" OO nga naman!!!

Our maid's tee

Posing in the Parlor ala BryanBoy

Cardi cover up from Ukay
People are People top

Current Obsession: how to loose weight ASAP

Current Addiction: YoVille

Thursday, January 22, 2009


was planning to save as early as now for my planned trip to Japan with a friend of my mine this August.

but then i can't ignore this anymore...


but in this color

(photos from Chuvaness)

so i called in & have me added to their wait list!!!

Current Obsession: when will this arrive?

Current Addiction: YoVille

i miss the cold weather

i miss it because i can't wear my cute leg warmer without looking ridiculous.

Cheap Monday sneaks
leg warmer from HK
black tights

People are People cover up
People are People top
Comic leggings
Adidas shoesie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

check out my home

im soooo addicted to YoVille.

YoVIlle for those who still doesn't know it, is an online role playing game in Facebook wherein you can play dress up, chat & play games with other people & decorate your room & show it off by asking random people to rate it.

from the start everyone gets to pick their avatars looks/clothes & gets a semi-furnished apartment + 500 coins to start with, you can either buy stuff for your apartment or buy clothes for yourself. you can earn more money if you play with other players & when you go work in the factory.

below are pics of my home:

Living room

this is currently my Top priority, ill finish this & deal with the rest later.



play!! Play!!! PLAY!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i'm finally finished with this 4 books... WHEW!!!

the movie Twilight is much better than the book... i find it more engaging... ewan ko ba.

I love the first 80 pages of New Moon, the rest is super forgettable

Eclipse was so-so... i hate Jacob Black because of this book, i was literally screaming ANOH BA!!!!!! WAGGGG!!! NOOOOOO!!!! at him

Breaking Dawn is the Best... but the ending was "NYE" i was disappointed... super anti-climactic.

4 things i learned after reading the Twilight Saga:
1. there is no such thing as Self-Control, iba talaga pag LUST na ang umiral... enter: Bella.... LOL
2. i can finish 1 book in 6 hrs.
3. i have a very good imagination.
4. Vampires are really H-O-T!!!

even if i hated the book, can't wait for the New Moon movie!!!

kuntodo Winter Sonata outfit:

Camo Jacket from Hk
"Made in the Republic of the Philippines" tee from Team Manila
H&M dress
black tights
CR shoesie

Mean Girl

i have a very very Bratty / Whinny neighbor... she's very angelic looking but she's one bitchy kid, i think she's only 10 right now but i bet she's aiming to be the next Queen Bee in her school... sad thing about this, i think her mom is 100% supportive of her behavior

the next Queen Bee's bike

note # 1

note # 2

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shoe savior

i was happy with my vile attempt of taking polaroid shots of my shoes then attaching it in its shoe box, but then i got busy & even this was back tracked... but now thanks to Vincent of Clear Shoe Box Project who saved me & made a bit of my chaotic life much much easier, so now at least one thing in my life is organize.



i still need more box, preferably big boxes for my Kicks... but this is ok for now!

Desigual Skirt worn as a Dress
Kamiseta Cardi
Black Tights
Crotton Candy Croc Malindi

Current Obsession: Facebook YoVille
Current Addiction: Facebook YoVille

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

another babuyan entry

i started going to the gym last week, Tuesday & Thursday nights are reserved for my One on One time with my PT, he trully is the best, unfortunately i feel like i failed him, im not the perfect student at all, last year i only saw him 30 times.... =(

but after slaving at the gym for 2 days & trying(?) to control my appetite... i gave in .... again!!!

i was in total babuyan mode last week. went to my tito's celebration in Seaside near MOA...
the feast

Kilawin na Tanigue

what i wore:

Jacket from Kamiseta
Bayo top
H&M pants
Red flea market shoesie

after a very heavy dinner just last night... me, mandy & her sis went to Omakase for dinner, & we ordered a lot, i didn't have the heart to take a lot of photo bec. it would only reminded me how i have succumbed to my Babuyan side.

Jurrasic Maki

Dynamite Roll

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Occupation: Model?

Me? Model?.... hmmm Why not....

meet the new endorser for the widely popular(?) Chinese Herbal Tea...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! pwede diba?

just another food entry

Razon's famous Halo-Halo

didn't like it at first but then half way to finishing it... Masarap pala.

didn't know you could literally bottle/put in to can Cholesterol & HB... kaya pala!!!

High Blood & Cholesterol inducing Crab fat in Bottle

High Blood & Cholesterol inducing Crab fat in Can

Peking duck from Goria Maris

i <3 PD... yum yum yum!!!

what i wore yesterday:

H&M tee
Flea Market Plaid top
Blue leggings
Yellow & Blue Polka socks from bench
Crocs Malindi

Php 100 meal in Jollibee

somebody gave my dad some GC's from Jollibee... & my mom gave me some knowing how much i <3 Jollibee

Jollibee GC

what does a satisfying Php 100 meal at Jollibee look like

add a 12oz. Soda


was undecided what shoes to wear... time was running out & i left my house wearing this 2... i was walking when i noticed i wore 2 different shoes... super kahiya... & was super late kaya BAHALA NA!!!

h&m jacket
flea market top
blue leggings
CR shoesie (left) & Vans high tops (right)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


went to dinner & carnival with relatives last week... & because it was christmas... there was soooo many people!!!

we we're about to go inside when my Cousin's nanny, rummaged inside her bag to get my cousin's jacket... & lo & behold... she let him wear this...

this is my 1st ever project when i was still working as an asst. designer in Shanghai, i remembered the very intricate Cherry Blossom. i gave this to my aunt when i got back 3 yrs. ago, told her to have my cousin wear it, when he's older.

here's a pic of Paris Hilton wearing the same jacket for an FHM cover

singer Jem also wore 1 of our jacket for her 1st single(?) They... i have the exact same jacket w/ me =)

this is ultimately the biggest gift for me this year....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday feast a.k.a. "Lamon festival"

Noche Buena food

my dad OVERBORDED again, as always... as to how many food to prepare.

this is my mom's new discovery the big & heavy Hot Cuts from Sea Palace

i have to post a pic of what my mom's friend gave us for christmas...

Media Noche food

we all love my mom's spaghetti, saturday nights is always home cooked Spaghetti & fried Chicken

what i wore on January 1: i didn't go for the full image shot bec. i realize i don't have a decent full view mirror at home =(

Cotton Candy Crocs Malindi
La Senza Pj
"This is why I'm HOT" tee
baseball shirt cover up

Current Obsession: going to the gym... i gained everything that i loose last year & more... ARGGGGHHH!!!

Current Addiction: facebook *grins*


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