Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a very petty petty entry

this entry is not earth shattering, its not a scandal, its not important, it would not cure cancer or HIV, it would not make you feel good nor feel bad... its just a petty petty entry... i just need to vent so just bear with me.

if you would ask me 3 yrs. ago who would i be if i were on Grey's Anatomy... i would instantly say Cristina Yang, with a new job as Chief of Surgeon, without Burke (because i'm just too good for him) & with McDreamy, McSteamy & Karev at the palm of my hands like a sick puppy, that how confident i was.

ever since i was a kid i never doubted myself, failure & rejection was never a part of my vocabulary. but then fast forward to now, if i were on Grey's Anatomy... i would be Meredith without McDreamy or McVet, re-taking my internship & Mrs. GVT would be my Cristina, but instead of listening to what she would say, i would just pour my heart to her & just stay still... & do absolutely nothing. thats how bad i am doubting myself.

i am a true blue pessimist but it always works to my advantage, but not anymore... my insecurities has gotten into me & i just hate myself for being that, its not healthy anymore.

last night after venting out my blah problem to Mrs. GVT, she together with her sis has devised 5 simple rule for me to follow:

How to start anew!
1. Leave gadgets at the locker. Ipod/Phone = anti-social.
2. Try to smile back, when someone looks or stares at you.
3. Make an eye contact.
4. Try to start a conversation with a mere Hi & Hello.
5. Be his txt mate.

Monday, March 17, 2008

whooosahhhh..... .... ... .. .

let there be PEACE... even for just 4 days

i can't wait for the long-long weekend... 4 days of bliss.... no work, no meetings, no computers, no emails, no phone calls, no dramas... NO MORE BAD NEWS!!! but then 4 days is just 4 days... hope i could really really take a break & just sleep, eat, sleep, eat & be my usual happy chatty self (well not usual anymore, i've become this boring, exhausted, unhappy girl lately & it's really making the people around me worried, heck even my old cranky neighbor is worried about me).

i so need to catch up on my reading... as i was flipping to "How to find your one true love by Bo Sanchez" i saw my friends message for me... now these 2 are like the total opposite, Mrs. GVT is the epitome of the perfect Mommy, technically she's not a mom or even a soon-to-be bride yet (now this is worthy of another entry soon) but i think she'll snatch the Best Hot Momma award under your nose anytime & the other one is Mokong the original spawn of evil... enough said

"Hope this enlightens your perspective in finding love. hehe la lang! Parang Kausap mo na rin parents ko while reading this." - Mrs. GVT

"There's no such thing as true love hehehe joke lang, hope this book is a good read though." - Mokong

saw this in the stock room... i almost peed in my pants laughing.

lookie at the presentation, it's like Jaws meets nemo! nyahahaha

Current Obsession: a vision of McSteamy coming out from the shower & straight to my Bed *droool*

Current Addiction: Grey's Anatomy, im in the final episode of Season 3, can't wait to start Season 4... are they still in need of a new character? i so can do a much bitchier/witty/sarcastic/emotionally drained intern, plus my eyes are more prettier than most of them, so its a + that i can still look cute even when all you can see in surgery are my eyes. & then maybe we can add a new twist to the story... why not me... i mean my role as the new love interest for McSteamy... new intern + man-whore... now do i hear *Ka-ching ka-ching" for that?


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