Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bakasyon Engrande 2014 =)

last time i went to the beach was in 2002, Puerto Galera... an impromptu beach trip for 3-4 days with 2 of my college friends... but i invited my Mom & she tagged along an aunt, my younger brother & a cousin.... didn't laze around the beach that much but i remembered eating anything & everything every 1 hour (no kidding).

This 5 day Boracay trip was again a spur of the moment - no idea - first timer type,  which ive learned form experience is not that hard, especially with the internet nowadays, we even booked our hotel (island nook) based on the recommendations from Trip Advisor & i even get to compile all suggested restaurants/things to do by friends, bloggers, adventure enthusiast, first/old timers & wanna be food critics.... cool huh?  

Panorama shots by editedMandy

will make another blog entry for Boracay first timers...

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